Wednesday, 11 September 2013

♪ Bob Bob Baby ♫

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Recently, some of my favourite bloggers have decided to go bob - a very nice choice, if I may say so myself. For many, many years bob has been my go-to hairstyle. Twelve out of twenty years of my life can you actually see bob being stuck to the top of my head. There were times where it looked awesome and there were times where it looked absolutely horrid. But having a bob is so much easier to style any way that you like. You can also just let it hang at the side of your head and it'd already look pretty done up. I love the simplicity and neutral look bob brings. It's long enough to make you look positively feminine but short enough for you to pair it with a tomboyish look - you know, without looking like a complete hobo. It's also amazing how bob seems to fit any hair colour and any face shapes (or am I mistaken?). It's just so incredible. No, I'm not thinking of going back to bob again. But it's a hairstyle that I've always adored and admired. Unfortunately, I haven't the styled mine beautifully in the past. Maybe next year, if I go back home, if my hair's already long enough for too long, I'd cut my hair into a bob. Now there's a thought.

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