Monday, 23 September 2013

As the Days Grow Shorter

It turns out that autumn hits Kassel harder than it does Mülheim. Though it's not quite as chilly yet, it's enough to make me want to put on as much layer as possible. The leaves haven't significantly change colour yet but the days have grown shorter. I am finally excited for a new start, some changes and commitments. Autumn is definitely a time for change, for a new start. And, though it's just beginning, I could already see the changes, feel the difference. Some I'm ready to embrace, some catch me off guard. It's also renowned for its wind and unstable weather. Galuh, for one, thinks it's far too chilly and put on as much as four pieces of clothing at once. Personally, I'm excited to wear sweaters, coats and tights again. I do have plentiful tights collection. This time of year is the best! There's that subtle chill of the autumn air but still enough daylight to save your life. It makes me actually want to roam the streets after dark a little bit. And thus, these shots were snapped. I can't wait for the leaves to change colour so I can just roll around in them without a care in the world.

H&M blazer (borrowed) // N.y.L.a. top // Tally Weijl belt // shorts + hunting boots via Kleider Kreisel // outfit photos by Galuh

Before I finally return this blazer to its rightful owner, I think I'd wear it again one last time. I've always admired this girl in class who wore a blazer with shorts and I wanted to try it out too. So here it is. Thankfully, the air is just the perfect temperature now that a blazer is enough to fight off the chill. September has been an autumn-preparation month. I've been buying clothes left and right to make my wardrobe more autumn-friendly - not that it isn't - keeping with my goal of wearing season-appropriate clothes. Pray that I won't splurge anymore once October comes along. Anyway, these boots are part of that haul. I've been craving knee-high boots for a while. The lady who sold me these beauties was kind enough to let me pick a free item from her shop - I picked these shorts. They are both amazing. My legs fit snugly into the boots and I've never had simple, high-waisted shorts before. She told me they would go well together and she was right. This is probably a more subtle look on my part, as opposed to me going pattern-crazy as usual. But, hey, autumn is the time for change, right?


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