Thursday, 5 September 2013

Who Told You You're Allowed to Rain on My Picnic?

This is way overdue but I've just realised how August just flew right by. Three out of four weekends, I was on the move either back or from home. And some weekdays I also explored new grounds. It's been a total blast and I can't believe it's been over a month already. It's been so much fun hanging out with new friends, catching up with old friends, meeting up with a best friend and taking tons of pictures in the process. Real life is starting in a month's time for me and I am just not ready. If only life could be just about going on adventures like this past month. A lot has happened this month: Galuh, Firu's sister, came to Germany and lived with me, we checked out an English phone booth in Germany, we celebrated Eidul Fitr by going to the bowling alley, Firu and I went to the countryside, we (along with our good friends) visited a sunflower field, I met up with my high school best friend, got a visa for 2 years (the lady was really kind!) and, on the last weekend of August, Galuh and I went on a picnic. Oh, how I wish summer could last forever. But now it's time for the leaves to change, for the wheel to turn.

Hand-me-down denim coat (as top) // Pimkie mini tulle skirt // heart-print tights (eBay) // vintage brogues // photos of me by Galuh

On the last weekend of August, Galuh and I went out to the mountains to go on a picnic. We were so determined to do it the day before that we couldn't care less that we had to depart later - because my new roommate came to drop some of his stuff off - and that the sky was getting darker and darker with clouds. We packed our lunch - which wasn't in keeping with the picnic theme - put it in the picnic basket - which became a substitute for a bag to me - and made our way to the peak. We ate lunch and took loads of pictures. Despite our best interests, it rained. By the end of it, we were pretty much drenched - despite the umbrella. I know my outfit is probably not even picnic-friendly what with it being white, somewhat frilly and romantic. But it was actually pretty okay, except for the shoes, which are pretty slippery. It was kind of dangerous to climb up or down the wet slopes. Galuh's outfit didn't really fit the theme either. She got so cold by the end of it that we went to a building to warm up. The picnic was great while it lasted, though. And we both had fun taking pictures in the semi-forest.


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