Tuesday, 17 September 2013

All Wrapped Up in You

Today marks the 38th monthversary of Firu's and my relationship. Is it getting old fast, that we still count our monthversaries even past 3 years already? Oh well, we still enjoy celebrating it anyway (though it's mostly just a hug and peck here and there). It was such a blessing that on this day it should be quite sunny on our side of the world, allowing us a good few minutes - if not hours - to snap these shots. Firu hasn't always been so supportive of my blogging but he does what he can when necessary and I love him for that. I do apologize for not being a model girlfriend. But, hey, that's why you love me, right? Lately, Firu has been on serious gamer mode - isn't he always? - and I've been on full-on bookworm mode. I guess we've both grown tired of The Sims by now. Haha. I'm compiling several items I want/need into a birthday wishlist - it's next month, in case anyone's thinking of getting me something - and it consists of books, clothes and several tools. The book featured on these pictures (as well as the previous post) was satisfactory, though I don't think it's anything too exceptional. It took me 5 straight days to get it over with. Haven't done that in ages!

Firu's shirt (from Number61) // H&M denim shorts // vintage brogues // photos by Firu

I know what you're all thinking: "Isn't it far too chilly now for shorts?" And yes, you are correct! I didn't pack a lot on this trip, though, and have got only a pair of pants otherwise. I feel like the shirt goes very well with these shorts and please do excuse my matchy-matchyness. This is my favourite shirt of Firu's that he's hoarded all the while we've been going out. I always believed he looked most handsome when he put it on. However, it was time to bid this piece farewell for he can no longer fit snugly into it. So he was kind enough as to let me have it, seeing as I've been so smitten by the texture and pattern. I almost couldn't believe him - it's not the first time he's offered. I was actually surprised to see it fit me so well, despite the extra room. I suppose, my sartorial scavenging is far from pronounced as finished. Here's how Firu...styled it, so to speak. Man, I just love his expression on this one!

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