Sunday, 1 September 2013

Try Not to Mistake What You Have with What You Hate

Truth be told, I was a little downhearted by the fact that I couldn't go home this year. However, this wound was mended as soon as I found out that my high school best friend, Cynthia, would be coming to Germany. Man, I've missed her lots! She has got to be the only girl who got me in high school. High school sucked but she made it all better. Oh, she is honestly the most genuine girl I've ever known. I love her to bits! She was staying in Bielefeld with her father's friends. This was perfect since I'd always wanted to visit the place anyway. The trip didn't go well because Deutsche Bahn (the German train company) just had to ruin my schedule. After several encounters with strangers, bus and train changes and lost of patience later, we hugged dramatically in front of the train station. (No joke, this actually happened). Afterwards, we went to the uni to grab something to eat - and because her father's friend had some business to tend to there.

Too bad we didn't get to tour Bielefeld as planned and our time was ever so limited. Cynthi kidnapped me all the way to Cologne but I negotiated that I would come along until Mülheim, where I would then be staying at Firu's for the night. There were four of us: Cynthi, her father's friend, his colleague and I. It was tons of fun catching up and teasing Cynthi with the other guys in the process. Ah, the good ol' days. Even after our extended time, riding the train together, our little get-together felt so short. Until we meet again, my dear. You take good care of yourself now!

Cotton Club shirt // Thrifted jumper dress // Thrifted backpack via Oxfam // Converse sneakers // outfit photos by Cynthia

I know, this probably isn't the prettiest of outfits I could come up with. But I needed something practical though still adorable. It proved to be far too hot for summer, even right now, though. But I got up early in the morn to depart from Kassel. At the time, this getup was still insufficient to fight off the chill of the morning. By the time I got home from Firu's, I was ready to take the whole thing off as it was baking me almost well done. I still adore the pattern on the shirt as I probably already mentioned before. Also, summer wouldn't end well without my converse pair popping in every now and then. After this, I literally have no plan save for some school tasks I must bat off. Oh, yes! September is nesting month for me. I will complete my room's look and give you guys a little tour - whether you want it or not. It's also all about new beginnings for everyone I know. Pray that we will go out with a bang.

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