Monday, 9 September 2013

Experience is the Best Teacher But Books Also Help

For those of you who are wondering, the photos I display in my blog are all taken by me unless stated otherwise (or we're on a trip and I don't even know anymore who took which photos). Needless to say, these photos were captured by yours truly. I don't own a tripod so I had to be creative on how I was going to accomplish that. Though getting help from friends or boyfriend (if you have one who's willing to do it for you) is a lot easier, there's no satisfaction like snapping your own shots. Firstly, you'd know what you want and have total control over the outcome. Whereas when someone else does it for you, you would be extra bossy and frustrated because your friends aren't mind-readers. A good way to lose a friend, I'd say. Unless, of course, your friend's a photographer whose work you admire and the outcome is always satisfactory to you, in which case you guys would get along and live happily ever after. Though such an occurrence is pretty rare, I should imagine.

Not only that, I've encountered some pretty interesting experiences having had photoshoots on my own. For instance, on this particular day, I met an old man who was apparently a conservationist in Kassel. He suddenly engaged me in a conversation about butterflies, like these Monarch butterflies - or at least I think that's what it was. He told me how many of which butterflies there are in Germany and where (and when) to find them. He said his favourite was the Lycaenidae (Bläulinge) and I can see why. They are so beautiful. He told me if we're sailing through the Mediterranean Sea, we could see heaps of butterflies passing through. That would be so magical. Somehow we ended up photo-hunting for butterflies. He told me how sad he was to see people misuse the earth, care nothing about the nature and throw away trash wherever they well please. There's no earth but this one. We should appreciate it more. 

Primark shirt via Kleider Kreisel // H&M skirt + socks // Flapper Girl ascot tie // vintage purse + brogues

Autumn is upon us and though school doesn't start for me for another month, I thought I'd make a back-to-school sort of outfit post for the heck of it. Despite people being so anti-uniform, one of the things I love about school was the uniform. In Indonesia, most schools have similar unfashionable uniforms - white and red for grade school, white and blue for middle school and white and grey for high school. Often I find myself craving Japanese sailor uniforms or British tartan ones. They're so stylish! So this is my rendition of a summer-look of British-inspired Japanese girls' uniform, save for the purse. 

I couldn't decide if the shirt was better tucked in or let loose but I think you should decide. It being tucked in gives a more casual look but because the shirt is loose and doesn't have a sturdy structure, it doesn't look at all goody-two-shoes or too preppy. Letting it loose is probably a very nice after-school style, where you get to let out your rebellious side whilst hanging out with your friends. I wish I had a matching satchel bag to go with this look though I really like the socks and, shockingly, I'm not wearing the loafers. Instead, I went with my brogues, which added a twist on the whole getup. Instead of a ribbon, I went with this lady necktie. Also, I just bought a set of Gumy by JVC earphones which I adore. It's orange, eco-friendly and has superb quality. Also a necessity for mundane school routine, I believe. Have fun at school for those of you already gone back there and let's do our best this semester as well, shall we?


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