Thursday, 19 September 2013

Movie Date: Annie Hall

First I heard of Annie Hall was through Ted Mosby's opinion in How I Met Your Mother. He seemed to suddenly really love the film. I was intrigued and searched it up. At the same instant, I was suddenly made aware that Annie - which was played by Diane Keaton - was such a fashion icon for the vintage lovers and retro-fanatics alike. As if that hasn't said anything, the fact that the movie starred and was directed by Woody Allen got me completely sold. Though I wasn't really familiar with his works, Annie Hall was such a superb watch that I nodded in approval to his name. I love the depths of story the film has to offer, like when Allen talked to us the viewers as he was going through the motion. I loved how the story is very realistic, making it sweet in a different kind of way - as opposed to the gag-inducing romance in romantic films. The title threw me off, though, thinking the movie was about Annie when the main character was actually Alvy.

Though I'm sure most of you are already quite aware of what the film is all about, I'll talk you through it anyway. Alvy, played by Woody Allen, is a neurotic New York comedian. One day he met Annie Hall and fell in love. The relationship didn't work, though, and I suppose they broke up - though it looked more like they grew apart. The film started, however, with Alvy's questions on how they had broken up in the first place. What went wrong in the middle of it all? He walked us through it, his childhood, how they first met, their happy times together and their falling out. It was kind of sad to know that they had fallen out, I thought they were rather perfect for each other. I love the cinematography of the whole film and the back and forth story. The vintage-feel is also a plus for me. I believe this film to be Woody Allen's huge turning point. And I can see why Annie is such a huge fashion icon. She always did dress up in a sense of style.

Quite recently, I watched To Rome with Love, which is also a work of Woody Allen's. It was half in Italian and I had no subtitles but, all in all, it was a fantastic watch - though a lot of people would have to disagree. Allen also appeared there as a somewhat neurotic (and workaholic) person. I wonder if it's how he really is or if it's how he wanted to present himself to the world.

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