Friday, 13 September 2013

The Colours the Wind Brings

Summer is ending ever so slowly on this side of the world. It's been raining non-stop and very chilly this past week. Firu and I have been staying home, cuddling...or playing The Sims. Haha. It's been quite nice to have some down time after such an intense summer. But I wouldn't have it any other way. On this particularly sunny and lovely day, we went out for some groceries (read: much-needed snacks) and grabbed some lunch. I also bought a little entertainment for myself after finishing the last book I had with me - the entertainment being Jojo Moyes's Me Before You. It's been such an enjoyable read so far. After this (and two more books my sister sent me earlier this year), my friend Zahra is ever so kind as to let me borrow her edition of Jodi Picoult's Between The Lines. I'm foreseeing a season of readings this autumn. It'd be so great to snuggle in my coziest sweaters, drinking hot cocoa and reading tons of literature. Seriously can't wait!

Primark dress (worn as top) + belt // C&A cardigan // Sis's pants (hand-me-down) // thrifted brogues // photos by Firu

Though the colour of the leaves hasn't changed here, I'm quite ready to transition to fall colours already. My personal style goal this year is to dress more appropriate to the season/weather, though it's so much harder to do when the season doesn't come with the right weather. I wasn't here last year so I was at a loss of what to wear in such a confused state of season. It's definitely been too cool to wear summery outfits but not cold enough to pull out the pretty sweaters. I'd like to say, I'm all stocked up for autumn. Sweaters? Check. Boots? Check. Scarves? In the process. So bring on the golden season! For now, though, cardigans are my safest bet. It's not too thick and if I get too hot, I can simply peel them off. No big deal. I'll have to save my sweaters until I can wear them without wanting to strip later on. Until then, this might as well be my uniform.

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