Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Birthday Wishlist 2013

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Next month is my birthday. Eep! I can't believe it's this close. I find myself craving for some items this year and so I made a list. Does it surprise you guys that there's only one sartorial piece on this list? I find clothes to be of a necessity and I've got plenty already so I find myself satisfied with what I have. Books are another matter. Each one holds a different story. Some of these items were included out of need instead of want. For instance, I find it harder and harder to capture good shots without a tripod. I'm not asking for too much, just one that is compatible with my camera and I can carry around in my hand bag. And, entering the 3rd semester in my studies, being without a Tablet PC drives me insane. Since I have a Macbook, my Dad feels it would be more convenient if I use an iPad instead of any other brands.

Some of them are also fruits of long-lost cravings, such as the Fujifilm Instax Mini (preferably in any colour but white). This craving is all Jo's fault. Everything in her room, instagram and tumblr just makes me drool all over. Aside from that, there's also a (yellow) satchel. I take any brands, actually, as long as the straps are strong enough to weather my heavy belongings and the bag sturdy enough to have a rectangular shape - in spite of what's inside. The rest are just books, which have intrigued me. Map of the Invisible World by Tash Aw is on top of the list. I've been eyeing that one for years. It surprises me how this book was so hard to find elsewhere (I first found it back home before departing to Germany). Also, if you have any of these books but don't want to give them to me, I'd be happy if you'd just let me borrow them for a while. And if you have any titles you'd like to recommend (and already own), I'd be thrilled to give them a read. Yes, it's definitely wishful to think that anyone - other than Firu - would give me a present. But a girl can dream.

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