Friday, 31 August 2012

Blast From the Past

Have you ever walked back into your high school or your childhood home and suddenly felt like you're back to who you were before? Even though years have passed and you believe you've grown up, have you ever actually gone back to your immature self, as if all those years haven't taught you a thing? That's what it feels like being back home. Even though for a good couple years I did my own chores and tried as best not to burden anyone with my needs, I came back and POOF! I'm a child again…which is bad.

Dress// Connexion; Babydoll Blazer// Triset; Pants// Sis's (borrowed); Hairpins// Sis's (borrowed); Bag// Gifted; Watch// Guess (gifted); Shoes// Studio Nine

Case in point, I usually took my own pictures for this blog in Germany, but today I dragged my brother out and somewhat forced him to do it for me. Of course, the lack of tripods or any kind of stands made it almost impossible for me to take them the way I did here but still. Anyway, this babydoll blazer here is one of my favourite. It looks somewhat baggy so for fat, old me, it was very discouraging. But now I wear it with pride. The hairpins belong to my sister. I like how they accent my slightly elfish ears. The location for this shooting is my backyard. How relaxing it is, wouldn't you agree? Enjoy your weekend, all! I'm going to Anime Festival Asia Indonesia tomorrow. Cheerio!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Mix It Up A Notch: Lavender Denim

Is it seriously my fault that this becomes one of the most worn bottoms in my closet? This lavender denim from C&A has so many good qualities. For starters, it has such a bold and interesting colour. Some people might find it hard to mix with other colours or clothing pieces. For me, it's the exact opposite. I keep finding myself going for it whenever I want to wear pants. Aside from that, it's very comfortable and flaunts my legs. Sure, I need a belt to keep it in place. Oh, by the way! Did I mention it has a zipper on each leg? Cheerio!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Sister's Sister: Matching Butterflies

Distance is a funny thing. I had never had a long distance relationship in my life before my sister moved out. To another country, no less. We had been sharing the same room forever that it became apparent that my personal space felt incomplete without her. This sounds awfully cheesy so I'm skipping ahead. I guess, by the time Firu and I ended up in different towns, I've gotten the gist on the whole LDR thing. It's still hard but I manage. Distance isn't the scary part. Time is the scary part. I can still look back to when we were little girls, wearing matching pink dresses -- that I had yet to despise, running around in glee. Or when we went horseback riding in the mountains with our cousin. Or late night sleepovers and fierce, girly fights.

On Quita: Top// N.y.L.a.; Shorts + Shoes// Bandung; Leggings// Yellowline; Watch// Elle; Bag// eBay | 
On Bivi: Top// N.y.L.a; Cardigan// Yellowline (Sis's); Pants// C&A; Watch// Sis's (borrowed); Shoes// Studio Nine

All right, when are you considered too old to wear matching outfits with your sister? I hope it's never because we just bought these pretty tops that we both liked. Thank God they came in slightly different patterns and colours. The ribbons on the back just give them pretty little details that they need. These were taken on Eidul Fitri, after all the traditions and the meal. We just hung out with our uncle's family, going round with no purpose. We saw this huge stage in the middle of the mall and saw a photo op. So here it is. Just in case you haven't noticed, my aunt loooves to be taken picture of and it's half of why we did this anyway. Have an enjoyable midweek! Cheerio!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Black and White Safari

Cap // Mine (Forgot where I bought it); Shirt// Taman Safari Indonesia (Indonesian Safari); Belt// C&A; Skirt// Esprit (Sis's?); Bag// Guy Laroche (Mom's); Shoes// Converse (Sis's)

These were taken on one of the uneventful days in Jakarta. Thankfully, I was slightly home alone then -- well, my brother was also home but he was upstairs. It's nice to kick back and relax sometimes. These days it seems all I do is go out and engage in social gatherings that I barely have time for myself, to breathe. Sure, hanging out with friends is good, especially those you haven't seen for so long. But to have time to recharge and be healthy is also important. Being an antisocial twit that I am, sometimes I do feel quite reluctant to go and see some of my self-proclaimed friends. Oh, society, why must you torture me so? On to the outfit, this shirt was bought in Surabaya from a Safari stand in a mall we went to. It's a matching set with my Dad's. It's actually men-sized but I do love it. And the cap! Don't you just adore it? It's been my favourite for years and it suits my current hairstyle. Have a rejuvenating Tuesday, everyone! Cheerio!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Sister's Sister: In the Land of Men

The line reads: Roasted Chicken "Primarasa" (name of the restaurant)

Even though we went through potentially ordinary days back in Surabaya, my sister and I almost never failed to capture every moment. One day, we went out to pick up our dad and brother over at the Pasar Turi Train Station. My brother retorted that my hairstyle was a miserable mistake. I quickly waved it off though. Aside from my sister, all who came with were boys/men. So it was the men and us. On our way back, we stopped by a local restaurant called Primarasa to eat lunch then we went home and didn't go out until later that night, to eat Tahu Campur (directly translated: Mixed Tofu), Mom's favourite snack.

We -- my sister and I -- decided to capture the vintage points of our grandparents' home. I have seriously never noticed its beauty before. I've come here since I was a little girl and everything there looks obviously natural to me. It's not until years later did I realise that the knick knacks here are quite rare/ invaluable. When we were little, we loved to type with the typewriter, taking turns. I never thought it was atypical and was quite puzzled by people's fascination in my exquisite ability to type with it. This room was also my favourite spot to be in the house. The old radio belongs to Kakung, my grandpa. I know just now that he took architectural engineering thanks to it. 

B's wearing: Top// Cotton Club; Batik Blazer// gifted; Pants// C&A; Satchel// Typo; Shoes// Studio Nine
Q's wearing: Top// N.y.L.a.; Legging// Yellowline; Bag// gifted (mine); Watch// Elle; Shoes// Bandung

My sister's top is the one we bought together in Surabaya. I rather think it looks like a canvas with such a liberating and graceful painting. It has a Japanese-feel to it somehow. My batik blazer, on the other hand, was gifted by Titi. She gave an almost identical one to my sister. It's not that it's too big, it is purposefully oversized…and reversible! It's kind of hard to look presentable in it without a button, though. But surely, it suits my lavender denim. Off topic, these little needle paintings are adorable, aren't they? But, of course, I never realised just how...rare they are. I saw them all the time. Have a superb Monday, y'all! Cheerio!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sister's Sister: Zangrandi Ice Cream

Hello, everyone! I am again back in Jakarta. My sister is back in Melbourne already, I should assume. We still have several Sister's Sister posts to share, though. We took pictures all the time we were in Surabaya so expect around 2-3 more posts to come. It's going to be at least another year before we could see each other again. I was going to savour the moment and save all the Sister's Sister posts for when I miss her again. But I don't think it makes much of a difference since she won't be by my side either way.

On a lazy summer day -- since it always seems to be summer in Indonesia, we went to an old ice cream parlour with our uncle's family and our grandpa. If you're a real Surabayan, you would've definitely heard of Zangrandi. It's an ice cream parlour that was founded around 70 years ago by Italian newcomers. Not only is that an ice cream parlour, it has become a sort of franchise that you can find in several malls in town. I've enjoyed the ice cream selections in this place since I was little and been quite pleased by its service. Once I bought an ice cream in Hannover that reminds me of the taste of the ice cream here. So yum!

Q's wearing: Dress// Cotton On; Bag// Typo; Cardigan + Tights// Yellowline; Shoes// Bandung | 
B's wearing: Top// N.y.L.a.; Pants// C&A; Shoes// Primark; Bag// Gifted; Hat// Thrifted

These days I have grown quite fond of my short hair. People keep saying that it suits me quite well and I agree. This hat seems to suit my hair incredibly, as well. I just adore the pattern on this oversized top, by the way. My sister first spotted it when we went shopping together. She suggested I buy it and I have yet to regret my decision. On my sister's outfit, I love her frilly details and how much it suits her look. Although not so much her personality. Then again, we are always more than meets the eye. Enjoy your Sunday, friends! May it be a good one. Cheerio!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Short-Haired Inspirations

It seems pretty narcissistic, somehow, to talk about one's hair and not even provide one's readers with hairstyling/ haircare tips. I don't have any, sorry. And now with my hair cropped short, your hope of ever receiving such things from me in the near future must dim itself now. I have just been thinking about this hair and this seemingly huge turn of events I partook. It's really not. I just let someone cut huge chunks of my hair. Big deal. I have no diseases or law to force me to do so and it'll grow back. Hopefully, not too soon since I'd like to enjoy it very much. Silly as it sounds, I feel stronger, more beautiful and fresher with this hair. Which is why I started to think why I haven't done this sooner.

The first time the idea even popped into my head was when I read Rebecca's post on beauty and its dependence on hair. I love how she writes every entry like a poem or a classic tale, even though it's as urban as any. I love how pretty she looks with her hair cropped short and how less boring I think it is than when it was long. Her view on beauty, seems to me, to be so wide that I'd like to adapt it myself. Then I was reminded of Emma Watson, whose bold haircut shook the image she was stuck to for years. Despite the fact that having my hair as short as hers used to seems impossible to me, I love her courage to start things up from zero -- build a new image, apart from Hermione -- and cut her hair quite boldly. Such confidence is rare to find these days and I want to be one to glow of such. Sure, maybe confidence needn't be shown from bold haircuts but that's how I'm going to start.

Photos: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

After cutting my hair, I stumbled upon an image from my childhood that I have yet to think about before cutting: Maria (von Trapp). As a child -- and an adult -- I have loved Sound of Music. Julie Andrews is one of my many favourite veteran actresses, thanks to her acting in said musical movie, Mary Poppins and Eloise at the Plaza. But especially as Maria von Trapp. I have failed to remember that her hair was -- and still is -- cropped short. Aside from her, I've also loved Judi Dench (which is perfect because her hair is almost crew cut) since my friend in high school dragged me to every James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig. Her acting there was top notch and recently I saw her in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel which gave me a different vantage point of her.

When I first saw Rebecca (I can't remember where that is anymore), I thought she looks somewhat familiar with her pixie-cut. Apparently, she reminds me a bit of Carrey Mulligan, one of my favourite british lady actor. She has such a darling look that fits both posh and down-to-earth style. Pixie cut has officially become one of my favourite hairstyles. Carrey's acting in An Education and Never Let Me Go just sent me speechless. But her ever so easy going smile and laughter resemble a kitten so much that you just want to hug her. The same goes for Rebecca. I love her haircut so much I basically used her photo to direct the hairdresser.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Sister's Sister: Life in Submarines

If you haven't noticed it yet, I am so loving adventures with my sister lately…so expect several more Sister's Sister posts in the next week. The most recent adventure we had was going to the Submarine Monument here in Surabaya. I find it oddly strange that I've been coming here all my childhood and have never spent even the littlest of moments in sights such as this. I guess, being once residents here, our parents forgot that we have yet to experience them.

The line reads: Submarine Monument

First of all, this is a russian submarine with the name Pasopati. I'm not sure it belongs to the Russians but I think it was made there. As we ventured through the surprisingly long submarine, we found some Russian symbols as well as Indonesian writings in it. The submarine was originally pretty warm inside but is now facilitated with air conditioners. We saw some torpedoes as we entered and other thingamajigs. I was pretty awed by its interior. So practically confusing. You can quickly imagine the lives spent here back in the days. Oh, old places and its histories.

Before Firu, before Germany, before Alive as Always, I was a girl who could care less about her hair. But on this day, as I walked into the barbershop, my heart raced quite quickly. I told myself it was stupid and quickly hushed it. This is the outcome. I can't believe I haven't done this before. This haircut suits my personality almost indubitably. Like Rebecca once said, it's silly to limit your beauty to hair. But I do feel like a huge weight is seriously out of my hair. Everyone was quite surprised. That pleases me. Enjoy the weekend, guys! Cheerio!

Quita: Blouse// Cotton On; Cardigan// Yellowline; Watch// Elle; Bag// eBay; Shorts + Shoes// Bandung | 
Bivi: Top// Cotton Club; Skirt// Tanah Abang (Sis's); Shoes// Studio Nine; Bag// Gifted