Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Sister's Sister: Matching Butterflies

Distance is a funny thing. I had never had a long distance relationship in my life before my sister moved out. To another country, no less. We had been sharing the same room forever that it became apparent that my personal space felt incomplete without her. This sounds awfully cheesy so I'm skipping ahead. I guess, by the time Firu and I ended up in different towns, I've gotten the gist on the whole LDR thing. It's still hard but I manage. Distance isn't the scary part. Time is the scary part. I can still look back to when we were little girls, wearing matching pink dresses -- that I had yet to despise, running around in glee. Or when we went horseback riding in the mountains with our cousin. Or late night sleepovers and fierce, girly fights.

On Quita: Top// N.y.L.a.; Shorts + Shoes// Bandung; Leggings// Yellowline; Watch// Elle; Bag// eBay | 
On Bivi: Top// N.y.L.a; Cardigan// Yellowline (Sis's); Pants// C&A; Watch// Sis's (borrowed); Shoes// Studio Nine

All right, when are you considered too old to wear matching outfits with your sister? I hope it's never because we just bought these pretty tops that we both liked. Thank God they came in slightly different patterns and colours. The ribbons on the back just give them pretty little details that they need. These were taken on Eidul Fitri, after all the traditions and the meal. We just hung out with our uncle's family, going round with no purpose. We saw this huge stage in the middle of the mall and saw a photo op. So here it is. Just in case you haven't noticed, my aunt loooves to be taken picture of and it's half of why we did this anyway. Have an enjoyable midweek! Cheerio!

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