Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Sister's Sister: Collared Dresses + SLR Cameras

 After a year and a half of being separated from my sister, I can finally reunite with her in Surabaya. On such a holy occasion, no less. My sister is probably the only person I have literally known my and her whole lives. We are only two years apart and have been crammed into the same personal space forever so it wasn't hard for us to be close. We have watched each other grow and confided in one another. Ever since I was in the 11th grade, my sister has gone to Melbourne, Australia for her studies. She has finished Bachelor sure enough last year and is now continuing on with her Masters. Firu said that I had the case of Sister Complex. I, however, believe our bond is like that of no other.

Everyone, who's known me for so long, has been quite surprised by my change of personality and style. Out of these people, my sister was the most delighted. She doesn't read my blog very often because of her piling assignments but she does make time sometimes. I should say that, if I were ever fashion-conscious, it was mostly thanks to my sister. She has been a real fashionista all her life, experimenting with styles. Aside from fashion, she has originally gotten me into Art & Design. As a little sister, it's only natural that I follow what she does. But we have grown to be very different people.

Quita's wearing: Dress// Primark (Gift); Watch// Elle; Glasses// Optik Pasti; Tights// Yellowline; Shoes// Bandung | 
Bivi's wearing: Dress// Primark; Tights// H&M; Shoes// Studio Nine

Nearing my comeback to Indonesia, I bought my sister a cute dress that I think fits her perfectly. In the process, I grabbed myself this adorable peter pan-collared dress. I love how both dresses have pretty little patterns! My sister's totally describes her since she is just smitten with cats. She's always wanted cats but our dad was always against it. I love the slightly nautical look on her collar! We are always characterised as opposites our whole lives but that doesn't stop us from liking the same colour in different shades.

The other day, before Eidul Fitri, our family went to a local restaurant to celebrate my youngest uncle's birthday. His birthday is actually in the same day as our Independence Day. My two youngest cousins were first reunited here. They were as adorable as always. My sister recently bought a Canon DSLR and was asked and excited to take pictures of the event. I was also excited to take her camera for a spin. It is potentially better than mine, by the way. It was the last night of Ramadhan so we went home not too late since the restaurant staff wanted to go home and -- kind of -- shooed us out. Deutzy cried because we had to part ways. I was touched. I love that little guy! Have a great midweek! Cheerio!

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