Monday, 20 August 2012

Miracles and Traditions of the Boerhan Family

  First and foremost, let me just wish every Muslim out there Eid Mubarak! It is such a great feeling to be reunited with my family again on this holy day. Last year, I sort of spent it alone and it was not good. Such a miracle to be reunited with my sister again, who’s currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Most of the family was there, aside from my dad, brother and stepmom. My sister and I kind of represented them. First thing in the morning, my sister, my grandpa and I walked to the nearest grocery store to Eid pray, enveloped in the sweet sound of the Allahu Akbars. It is such a dreamy, favourite past time of mine. My beloved grandma couldn’t come because she broke her hip and couldn’t sit on the ground –which is, mostly, what we would be doing. Praying together is also my favourite. When we were done, we walked back home where Grandma (I call her Titi) had prepared breakfast. Not too long afterwards, our cousins and uncles and aunts came one by one. And, quickly, we fell into traditions.

We started off by ever so beautifully decorating the dining table with food and seasonings as well as sauces. As the ladies did this, the men arranged the living room to make it wider. The next event is why. Our grandparents (Titi and Kakung) sat on the sofa, dressed in clean and neat clothes. They were ready for us, their children and grandchildren, to ask for forgiveness and vice versa. This usually goes on for around ½ to 1 hour and not without a few tears. Afterwards, Titi and Kakung would ask forgiveness from one another. Such a sweet sight! I love seeing my grandparents all lovey dovey and happy. Then we proceeded by Kakung giving out Eid bonuses to his grandchildren – this time, minus my oldest cousin, who’s had an income of her own. We then formed a circle around the fortunately circular dining table, except for my youngest cousins, and followed Kakung’s lead in praying before we dug in.

Sister #1's wearing: Kaftan// unbranded; Pashmina// Gifted; Watch// O'clock; Glasses// Optik Pasti; Shoes// Bandung | 
Sister #2's wearing: Blouse// Mom's; Maxi Skirt// Sis's; Pashmina// Stepmom's (borrowed); Shoes// Studio Nine

As we waited for the cousins and uncles and aunts to come, my sister and I snapped these photos of what we were wearing throughout the day. This is to show: A.) Our outfits of the day – as sister style, finally! – and B.) How antique and refreshing our grandparents’ house is. It has gone through some changes throughout the years, of course, but little elements will still stay there. Exhibit A: this gigantic birdcage. Kakung loves to collect birds. I have seen all kinds of birds that he’s kept. Even now, it’s another species. Exhibit B: this motor Vespa. I don’t even know anymore who it belonged to but it’s been hanging out there for many years. It’s not useable anymore but I still love its aesthetic element. Hence, it appearing here.

Our traditions are pretty old-fashioned. It has been so for many, many years. Sometimes whilst it happens, I imagine what my mom would say or do – had she been there. I would imagine her being the life of the party and smiling extra wide. Too bad my dad wasn’t here for most of it. But seeing my smallest cousins, Deutzy and Ata, totally made my day. They are just too adorable together, fighting and playing. Also, I love my grandparents’…everything. I love their great big house and their antique cutleries. Ever since I don’t know when, I keep imagining life back when my parents were still so young and love bloomed here. Yes, it bloomed here. So much history, indeed. Eid Mubarak, everyone! Enjoy your family quality time! Cheerio!

The Boerhan Family wishes you Eid Mubarak!

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