Thursday, 23 August 2012

Culinary Feature: Mediterano Buffet

Direction: Ground floor of the Kurfürsten Galerie (at the back of City Point in Königsplatz)

Being in Kassel for far too long before I moved has made me develop some sort of sense for this town. I've gone to the touristy places and explored the town's small corners. Before I even settled, I've found my favourite spot to eat in this place. That is this Mediterano Buffet. The first time I went here was when my friend, Rezy, told me about this cheap non-asian buffet he found. So Vina, Rezy and I went there to try it. We quickly fell in love with the roasted chicken.

In all actuality, the first time we came here, the place had ala carte menus as well as the buffet selections -- although the selections back then were very much limited. I went away for a week and came back to find this place already filled with more food and no longer having its ala carte menus. Aside from that, the buffet package is combinable with Soup of the Day and dessert -- although I've never tried these options. As you can see, the price is unbelievably cheap. Maybe even the cheapest buffet in Germany EVER! The quality of the food is not to be questioned as well. My favourite is the roasted chicken, Kabsi (rice with small minced beef and sometimes raisins), Cannelloni, Fisch Auflauf (baked fish) and pretty much everything that doesn't have either pig or wine in it. So delicious! The staff are also very friendly and they let you wash your hands at the back of the counter if you ever get them dirty. You probably wonder why I write such a short review about a place that I like so much. Well, it's located in a food court so I can't really speak about the interior design and all. I still love this place anyway. Unlike other buffets that are only open to certain timelines in the day and change price at night, this place opens from 11 AM - 8 PM with consistent price. Try it if you're ever in Kassel. It's simply a must. Cheerio!

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