Thursday, 16 August 2012

She Just Came Back From Germany

I'm having one of the craziest week so far. Case in point, two days ago I went out with two of my best friends, Gina and Uli. Originally, we were to meet at Gina's house and set off for Plaza Senayan together. Before I go on, let me get something straight. We are not rich people, we just happen to have enough. And yet...we love hanging out at Sushi Tei, even though we know it's far too expensive for our student budget. Anyway, that's where we were heading. Something suddenly came up for Uli and she said she'd meet us at the restaurant. So I waited for Gina to come back from Bandung -- which is where she lives right now thanks to her studies -- then went to her home. I got to play with her cute little kittens. Long story short, we got there later than promised/expected and Uli had to wait for us for an hour. Sorry, Uli!

Uli's order: Negitoro Don

Gina's order: Spicy Salmon Don

My order: Una Don (I miss Unagi!)

Left: my Green Apple Tea; Right: our Tamagoyaki

Dessert #1: Taiyaki Ice Cream

Dessert #2: Shiratama Azuki

One of the many things I was afraid of upon coming back home is that everything would be different or my friends and I would be awkward. That didn't happen. As Gina opened her door for me, she quickly commented that my absence was irrelevant. It was like I never left. Sure, I dress better now. But I'm still the same person. She remarked on this 3 times by the time we got to Uli. We ended up reminiscing on the good old days and talking about everything in between. They still made me laugh the hardest. After break fasting and dinner, we roamed the mall a few times and it was too soon when the lights started to go off. Like old times, we took pictures of ourselves in little fluorescent lights of the stores. It wasn't as crazy as we did four years ago but it was enough to get people staring at us.

Tee// Billabong; Crochet bolero// Sis's/Mom's; Skirt// Sis's; Bag// Mom's; Shoes// Primark; Socks// Dad's

Before I was this girl with a blog, I was a girl who collected tees. Well, I still do. But now I vary more on what I wear so it's kind of different. In a desperate attempt to include the tees I collected before into my more distinguishable outfits, I pulled off this outfit. It didn't turn out as weird as I once have thought. I guess, tees are made for every occasion. I love the crochet bolero! It's so breezy and turns every outfit more ladylike. Is it just me or I look so weirdly awkward in this skirt? I love the velvet ribbon attached to it. Too bad you can't see the green skull on the tee. It would be one heck of a twist, wouldn't you agree?

Even though it was practically midnight when we went home, the streets were still covered by motor vehicles and we were easily stuck in a traffic jam. After careful deliberation, we all decided to just stay over at Gina's place -- since she was the one driving anyway. It was around 1 AM that we crashed into her place and tiptoed to her bedroom. The exhilaration of our sweet little reunion still pumped through my veins and I didn't want to sleep even though my eyes were ready to fall off. We ended up not sleeping until around 2.30 AM and Gina passed out. Her maid came to tell us that it was already 3.30 AM an hour later, time for our Suhoor -- what is it called in Arabian? Afterwards, we actually went to sleep until noon and Gina gave both of us rides home. And I was supposed to get ready for another reunion with my high school classmates. Boy, was I wiped. How about some hair actions for the road? Here you go! Cheerio!
P.S: The title is the excuse they'd use if someone were to tease us about taking portraits in a mall upon closing.


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