Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Black and White Safari

Cap // Mine (Forgot where I bought it); Shirt// Taman Safari Indonesia (Indonesian Safari); Belt// C&A; Skirt// Esprit (Sis's?); Bag// Guy Laroche (Mom's); Shoes// Converse (Sis's)

These were taken on one of the uneventful days in Jakarta. Thankfully, I was slightly home alone then -- well, my brother was also home but he was upstairs. It's nice to kick back and relax sometimes. These days it seems all I do is go out and engage in social gatherings that I barely have time for myself, to breathe. Sure, hanging out with friends is good, especially those you haven't seen for so long. But to have time to recharge and be healthy is also important. Being an antisocial twit that I am, sometimes I do feel quite reluctant to go and see some of my self-proclaimed friends. Oh, society, why must you torture me so? On to the outfit, this shirt was bought in Surabaya from a Safari stand in a mall we went to. It's a matching set with my Dad's. It's actually men-sized but I do love it. And the cap! Don't you just adore it? It's been my favourite for years and it suits my current hairstyle. Have a rejuvenating Tuesday, everyone! Cheerio!


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