Monday, 27 August 2012

Sister's Sister: In the Land of Men

The line reads: Roasted Chicken "Primarasa" (name of the restaurant)

Even though we went through potentially ordinary days back in Surabaya, my sister and I almost never failed to capture every moment. One day, we went out to pick up our dad and brother over at the Pasar Turi Train Station. My brother retorted that my hairstyle was a miserable mistake. I quickly waved it off though. Aside from my sister, all who came with were boys/men. So it was the men and us. On our way back, we stopped by a local restaurant called Primarasa to eat lunch then we went home and didn't go out until later that night, to eat Tahu Campur (directly translated: Mixed Tofu), Mom's favourite snack.

We -- my sister and I -- decided to capture the vintage points of our grandparents' home. I have seriously never noticed its beauty before. I've come here since I was a little girl and everything there looks obviously natural to me. It's not until years later did I realise that the knick knacks here are quite rare/ invaluable. When we were little, we loved to type with the typewriter, taking turns. I never thought it was atypical and was quite puzzled by people's fascination in my exquisite ability to type with it. This room was also my favourite spot to be in the house. The old radio belongs to Kakung, my grandpa. I know just now that he took architectural engineering thanks to it. 

B's wearing: Top// Cotton Club; Batik Blazer// gifted; Pants// C&A; Satchel// Typo; Shoes// Studio Nine
Q's wearing: Top// N.y.L.a.; Legging// Yellowline; Bag// gifted (mine); Watch// Elle; Shoes// Bandung

My sister's top is the one we bought together in Surabaya. I rather think it looks like a canvas with such a liberating and graceful painting. It has a Japanese-feel to it somehow. My batik blazer, on the other hand, was gifted by Titi. She gave an almost identical one to my sister. It's not that it's too big, it is purposefully oversized…and reversible! It's kind of hard to look presentable in it without a button, though. But surely, it suits my lavender denim. Off topic, these little needle paintings are adorable, aren't they? But, of course, I never realised just how...rare they are. I saw them all the time. Have a superb Monday, y'all! Cheerio!

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