Friday, 31 August 2012

Blast From the Past

Have you ever walked back into your high school or your childhood home and suddenly felt like you're back to who you were before? Even though years have passed and you believe you've grown up, have you ever actually gone back to your immature self, as if all those years haven't taught you a thing? That's what it feels like being back home. Even though for a good couple years I did my own chores and tried as best not to burden anyone with my needs, I came back and POOF! I'm a child again…which is bad.

Dress// Connexion; Babydoll Blazer// Triset; Pants// Sis's (borrowed); Hairpins// Sis's (borrowed); Bag// Gifted; Watch// Guess (gifted); Shoes// Studio Nine

Case in point, I usually took my own pictures for this blog in Germany, but today I dragged my brother out and somewhat forced him to do it for me. Of course, the lack of tripods or any kind of stands made it almost impossible for me to take them the way I did here but still. Anyway, this babydoll blazer here is one of my favourite. It looks somewhat baggy so for fat, old me, it was very discouraging. But now I wear it with pride. The hairpins belong to my sister. I like how they accent my slightly elfish ears. The location for this shooting is my backyard. How relaxing it is, wouldn't you agree? Enjoy your weekend, all! I'm going to Anime Festival Asia Indonesia tomorrow. Cheerio!

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