Saturday, 25 August 2012

Short-Haired Inspirations

It seems pretty narcissistic, somehow, to talk about one's hair and not even provide one's readers with hairstyling/ haircare tips. I don't have any, sorry. And now with my hair cropped short, your hope of ever receiving such things from me in the near future must dim itself now. I have just been thinking about this hair and this seemingly huge turn of events I partook. It's really not. I just let someone cut huge chunks of my hair. Big deal. I have no diseases or law to force me to do so and it'll grow back. Hopefully, not too soon since I'd like to enjoy it very much. Silly as it sounds, I feel stronger, more beautiful and fresher with this hair. Which is why I started to think why I haven't done this sooner.

The first time the idea even popped into my head was when I read Rebecca's post on beauty and its dependence on hair. I love how she writes every entry like a poem or a classic tale, even though it's as urban as any. I love how pretty she looks with her hair cropped short and how less boring I think it is than when it was long. Her view on beauty, seems to me, to be so wide that I'd like to adapt it myself. Then I was reminded of Emma Watson, whose bold haircut shook the image she was stuck to for years. Despite the fact that having my hair as short as hers used to seems impossible to me, I love her courage to start things up from zero -- build a new image, apart from Hermione -- and cut her hair quite boldly. Such confidence is rare to find these days and I want to be one to glow of such. Sure, maybe confidence needn't be shown from bold haircuts but that's how I'm going to start.

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After cutting my hair, I stumbled upon an image from my childhood that I have yet to think about before cutting: Maria (von Trapp). As a child -- and an adult -- I have loved Sound of Music. Julie Andrews is one of my many favourite veteran actresses, thanks to her acting in said musical movie, Mary Poppins and Eloise at the Plaza. But especially as Maria von Trapp. I have failed to remember that her hair was -- and still is -- cropped short. Aside from her, I've also loved Judi Dench (which is perfect because her hair is almost crew cut) since my friend in high school dragged me to every James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig. Her acting there was top notch and recently I saw her in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel which gave me a different vantage point of her.

When I first saw Rebecca (I can't remember where that is anymore), I thought she looks somewhat familiar with her pixie-cut. Apparently, she reminds me a bit of Carrey Mulligan, one of my favourite british lady actor. She has such a darling look that fits both posh and down-to-earth style. Pixie cut has officially become one of my favourite hairstyles. Carrey's acting in An Education and Never Let Me Go just sent me speechless. But her ever so easy going smile and laughter resemble a kitten so much that you just want to hug her. The same goes for Rebecca. I love her haircut so much I basically used her photo to direct the hairdresser.

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