Thursday, 2 August 2012

Between Heaven and Earth...

One of my favourite places in Kassel is the Wilhelmshöhe Schlosspark (Castle Wilhelmshöhe Park) that is located at the outskirts of town. It is huge and filled with many sights to be seen. The park is Roman God-themed and I love seeing many sites there with Roman Gods' names on them. I feel that Kassel is a town very much influenced by the Romans. There are a lot of buildings -- at least in this park alone -- that are designed like that of the Roman Empire's. One of which being this Hercules Building. The first time I was here, I managed to climb up the hill to the very top and reach this building. Afterwards, I discovered a quicker way to get there without even having to sweat. So Firu and I took that shortcut yesterday. The first place we visited, of course, was the Hercules. Apparently, people are allowed to go into the building and get even higher up. There wasn't much up there aside from the cardboard picture of the Hercules statue and a hole to put your face through. Even though we climbed a lot of stairs, it wasn't as bad as the Köln Torture. Then we went down to discover that there are so many people sitting around the stairs. We were so excited to see all the other sites and thought it weird that these people came all the way up here just to sit around. Apparently, they were waiting for water to flow all the way from the small waterfall on the top of the hill to the pool at the bottom of the stairs. It was kind of cool -- and long -- to watch the water go down.

Firu wasn't very impressed, however, saying that there are many waterfalls in Indonesia. Well, even so, I think that Indonesians will still get pretty excited to see them in the first place. I myself hadn't yet seen a waterfall in my life. That was about to change. One of the coolest things I have yet to see in the park is the Aquädukt (aqueduct). Yesterday, we found it. When there wasn't any water going through it, I was pretty disappointed. We sat around the end of the aqueduct for several minutes, getting in the shade. People started crowding the place when we were about to go. We then figured out that the water was about to flow through this part of the park. When it finally did, the air seemed to cool a little bit and from a certain perspective, we could see a rainbow. Afterwards, we just kept going down until we reached the Wilhelmshöhe Castle. We hung out under the shade for a little while and climbed some pretty weird-looking trees. Oh, such a heavenly feel a breezy wind in a hot day is! Then off we went home since I'm a Kasseler now!

Top // New Yorker; Tank top// Vero Moda; Pants// C&A; Belt// Primark; Bag// secondhand; Hat// Thrifted; Shoes// Tracce

I know I said the Fashion Mixology was going to make up for not posting outfit posts but I just couldn't help it. I have yet to introduce this lovely top in the Mixology anyway. I wonder if you've figured out that, by this point, I've gotten so sick of my long hair. It is nearly uncontrollable and has become such a drag in hot summer days. I have no idea how to style it and, more often than not, I don't have the ability or the equipment to actually style it. Now I'm reminded by how much I hate, hate, hate long hair and why. But this is a great achievement for me since my hair had never been this long before. So before I show it off to my friends and family, cutting it is out of the question. Afterwards, however, I would like to cut it like Rebecca's hair -- not the current but maybe her last month or the month before. Yesterday, when the heat was eating me alive, I snuck it inside my hat as a prototype of how it would look later. It's not so bad, right? What do you guys think? That's a hairstyle I've never tried before so I kind of feel excited about it. Well, have a lovely Thursday now! Cheerio!


  1. daus berjenggot :') #diinjek

    1. Yeah, he's getting pretty beardy but I love, love, love it! ♥

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    1. Oh, wow! Thanks :)
      I've seen your blog before btw and loved it!
      Feels somewhat honoured to have a comment from you :)


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