Friday, 10 August 2012

All the Quiet Moments

Amidst all of the adventures, Firu and I had our still moments. They are the moments we used to rest up from the previous adventure, relax and prepare for our upcoming ones. These are the moments I treasure the most when we're apart. No amount of video calls, online chats and emails can make up for them. These are usually the moments when we busy ourselves with our own laptops/hobbies while still interacting. Such comfortable silence. Our favourite. Sometimes it's like we live in a silent movie. Maybe in a shade of orange when we were in Halle, since that's the colour of my world. Such little happiness to get me through the month. Cheerio!


"Hey, fellows, why don't we go where the movies are silent and life is as big as a stage?" - Katie Herzig


  1. Agreed. Though i love having quality conversation, comfortable silence is hugely enjoyable also. I dont get why some people keep blabbering things because they think being silent is a part of antisocial trait. Well, wordless companion is still delightful anyway. Oh, and leave the awkwardness of course, that means it comes from people we're comfortable with.

  2. So true! Me too! I think the silence speaks louder than words and you needn't do anything to change that. Of course, uncomfortable silence is like a death sentence and should be avoided at any rate.


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