Thursday, 28 August 2014

If We Can Make It Here, We'll Make It Anywhere

As you guys can probably tell from the photos and the fact that there are 2 outfit posts in a row, I'm still struggling with blogging in this neck of the woods. Not only finding the perfect location, my brain is currently on holiday. So much so that I can't really think about posting about anything else other than outfits at the moment. Hopefully, that wouldn't bore you. Also, taking pictures by myself gets a whole lot more complicated due to the minuscule number of parks in Jakarta. They're also usually so far away from home, definitely not within walking distances. To be honest, the wave of metropolis of Jakarta washes over me like a storm. Having been used to small towns in Germany, getting used to this huge city - and the capital, no less - is a challenge in itself. Forget getting to the city center on foot, the transport system itself has no basic grounds. The only way you can find out which bus/minibus goes where is to ride it. Getting lost is a consequence. That, or paying a lot more for a taxi or so. Thankfully, - back to taking photos - my sister lets me use her tripod and my backyard is a tiny heaven. Obviously, still struggling. But we'll all get better.

Connexxion mini dress // sis's leggings // Yellowline cardigan (sis's) // gifted necklace (sis's) // Kipling bag (sis's) // Studio Nine loafers

September seems like the time when most college students go back to school 'round here. Although unintentional, here I seem to have put together a back-to-school outfit. In Indonesia, most of all, perfect for college students - since all schools here wear uniforms. The two key elements in this outfit are the laid-back loafers and the bag. The loafers are comfortable enough yet don't close up all the way to make way for some breeze, should the heat be rather unbearable. They're also not too flashy to be worn when you're trying to earn education but cute enough to make you happy - or me, at least. The bag is incredible. It has many compartments as well as pockets to pack whatever school supplies you should need. The width is long enough to contain notebooks, journals and school books. The rest of the outfit is also comfy for daily wear, not at all flashy and simple. Well, if you're a college student - old and new - in Indonesia, good luck on the rest of the semester!

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Sister's Sister: Clothes Swapping is a Daily Thing

Q's wearing: Mom's top // B's skirt // Don't Ask Amanda purse // Charles by Charles David shoes // photos by B

Whoa, unintentional blog break there! Life has been rather busy lately - what with packing for the final time to go home and catching up with the folks back home - and I've been neglecting this space like nobody's business. I'm sorry about that, if anyone's waiting. But I'm finally back. And look who's back with me! If you've been following this blog long enough, you should definitely know about my sister. She works at a fashion magazine now and gets a lot of free stuff from brands - much to my delight. Of course, our room looks like a shed now but it's full of pretty stuff. Umm...oh yeah! What am I doing, talking like I don't even realise this drastic haircut? I'd been thinking of going bob for a while now. To be honest, this wasn't the result I was expecting but what do I expect when I ask for something other than what I planned? For years, this hairstyle has been some kind of a go-to look whenever I feel like cutting my hair. It's probably not the hottest hairstyle, what with my weirdo face to boot, but it surely is my favourite.

B's wearing: vintage shirt + shoes // Vibrantcache skirt // Celine purse // photos by Q // photos of us by C

Does anyone do this or is it just me: whenever I come home, I quickly abandon my suitcase and all the clothes in it and go straight to my wardrobe? Maybe I'm just used to the trip-suitcase, not the going-home-suitcase. Trip suitcases contain dirty clothes from the journey, whereas going-home suitcases carry all the clean clothes you've washed prior to the journey. I wonder if this makes sense. But I share a room with my sister so raiding the wardrobe will entail finding beautiful treasures (a.k.a. her clothes) among the many items I already know I own. This post is exhibit A. The shirt, the skirt and the purse all belong to my sister. Yes, I only provided the shoes. This, of course, didn't happen all the time due to the extra weight I carried way back when. But, don't even think I'd hesitate! But the feeling is mutual: my sister borrows my stuff all the time too. Even when I was still abroad! In fact, here she dons my skirt. Well, like sister, like sister, I guess.

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Le • vent • se • lève

Hamburg was one of the places that made it to my Germany bucket list. Many people that I know have been there and they have spoken great things about this place that it always left me wondering. Not only that, it is common knowledge that Hamburg is Germany's biggest port. Although it does not face the sea directly, it has many ports along the Elbe river which will indeed go out directly to the sea. After three years, I finally managed to visit the town with Firu - he's been there before, the bastard. Before I went there, I was already aware of the wind condition in town. But it wasn't until I felt all of it that I realised how serious it was. It was incredibly hard to endure, especially in the summer. Plus, it hadn't dawned on me that Hamburg gets the most storms of this country until I was in the midst of the wind and got a little worried. But we had fun anyway.

We planned our trip pretty neatly, enabling us to explore as much of Hamburg as was humanly possible in two short days. However, the aforementioned wind situation slowed us down...and ripped me off my motivations. We managed to visit a few places, though, such as Speicherstadt, Spicy's Spice Museum, the City Hall and the Japanese Garten. I love Speicherstadt the best! The buildings are incredibly old - both the interior and the exterior - and it has water flowing in between here and there. It gives a rather nice touch as a canal, reminds me of a more industrial version of Venice - though I've never been there yet. Sadly, the Speicherstadt doesn't serve its original purpose anymore. But, good news for the Spice Museum, I guess. Because now they can have their museum in one of the buildings. The museum was small but it was definitely quirky. Firu and I received two packets of unground black pepper as entry tickets. Yep, we're definitely keeping 'em! Not only the landmarks, I was so psyched to find one of those unique playgrounds. It was pirate-themed! So adorable!

One of my favourite parts about this trip is that we stayed at Reeperbahn, which is the red light district of Hamburg - and said to be the best in Germany. It wasn't much like what I had expected but it was definitely blooming with sex and sin. There were tons of cabaret bars, porn theatres as well as "adult" toy stores. I heard that the prostitutes working there were so beautiful they belonged more in film productions rather than the streets of Reeperbahn. Unfortunately, thanks to the rain, I didn't get to see any of them. But Reeperbahn is actually unexpectedly strict about some things. For instance, they have a Bottle and Glass Prohibition from Friday night to Monday morning. Our hotel also forbids their guests to bring alcohol into the premises - although an inspection will not take place. The most touristy thing we did the next day (Monday) was going to the Fischmarkt. It was also the stupidest choice we made because the fish market was open on Sundays, not Mondays. We were met by nothing but random cars and workers, doing their normal routine. Man, it was a long, windy walk too! Afterwards, we almost succumbed completely to the wind and stayed indoors almost all the time until our train was ready to devour us. Well, that's Hamburg off my list!

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Merah Putih

WARNING: This post is in Indonesian! Foreign readers, I hope Google Translate helps!

Selamat 17-an buat semua orang Indonesia yang membaca! (Kira-kira banyak ngga ya?) Hiks, sedih juga ini 17 Agustus ke-3 ngga di kampung halaman tercinta. Kangen banget rasanya sama kegiatan-kegiatan merayakan hari kemerdekaan tanah air kita, macam lomba makan kerupuk, tarik tambang, balap karung dan panjat pinang. Di Jerman sendiri sih terkadang para perhimpunan mahasiswa menyelenggarakan kegiatan-kegiatan tersebut di atas tapi pasti suasananya beda dong sama di rumah. Hebohnya dan semaraknya itu, uh! Ngga bisa deh ditandingin atau digantikan deh! Di komplek rumah saya tiap tahun (semoga sekarang juga masih ada) biasanya sepanjang minggu 17-an diadakan lomba-lomba baik untuk anak-anak maupun orang dewasanya, dua-duanya sama-sama meriah dan heboh. Lalu pada tanggal 17-nya sendiri para pemenang lalu dikasih hadiah oleh para juri dan malam-malamnya ada semacam pesta perayaan. Banyak makanan khas Indonesia dihidangkan, seperti bakso, bubur ayam, dan lain sebagainya. Terkadang bahkan segerobak-gerobaknya juga disewa. Ada panggung, ada lagu, semua joged, semua makan. Meriah banget! Tahun ini sih 17-an saya malah pergi menjelajahi kota Hamburg. Sekarang aja sebenarnya udah di kereta ini. Nanti pasti berbagi foto dan cerita kok. Ditunggu ya!

Cotton Club top // Batik Keris skirt // thrifted sandals // photos by Firu

Yap! Tahun ini saya sudah bertekad bakal pakai warna merah putih untuk postingan 17-an di blog. Firu sih bilangnya, "Harusnya bajunya dong yang merah, roknya putih." Tapi...ini bisa diterima juga kan ya? Seragam SD juga kan ceritanya merah putih tapi jadinya putih merah, ya ngga? Lagian ini ada batiknya juga, patriotis kan lumayan? Sebenarnya ini juga emang agak curang sih, karena kombinasinya ngga beda jauh sama yang ini. Bedanya, yang ini jelas lebih mengumandangkan Indonesia. Agak maksa ya? Sayang sih, hari itu seharian mendung dan sempat hujan juga. Mungkin rok ini bukan pakaian paling ideal untuk cuaca kayak gini sih tapi ya, fashion before function. Haha. Ngga selalu kok, cuma sekali-sekali. Percaya deh! 

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Seminggu Bersama Iva: Heidelberg with Kynann

Urban Outfitters hat // Number 61 shirt // Motel Rocks pants via TK Maxx // thrifted purse // Converse sneakers // photo of me by Kynann

Despite this series being called "Seminggu Bersama Iva" - which translates to "A Week with Iva" - today's real quick post has nothing to do with her. On my last full day staying at her place, I went to Heidelberg on my own to see one of my good friends Kynann. We hadn't hung out for over two years and it was insane! We still talked regularly through Facebook or something. But I really missed hanging out with him again. Again, I took only very few pictures. Well, we didn't do anything interesting anyway. Mostly, we just had lunch, bought bubble tea (my favourite!) and explored parts of the town I'd never been to before. It was really nice. There were old half-ruined castles, classic houses and gorgeous colours lining the streets. Then we went a little way out of town to lie by the riverbank a little bit and relax. What a day! Although Kynann had never been on the blog before, I think of him as my older brother. Sometimes I go to him for advice and vice versa. We respect each other and that's always important in a friendship. Also, sorry the last photo above is the only portrait of him that I could get.

So, that wraps up my days spent at Iva's place. I will miss her so much! Can't wait to hang out again!

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