Thursday, 28 August 2014

If We Can Make It Here, We'll Make It Anywhere

As you guys can probably tell from the photos and the fact that there are 2 outfit posts in a row, I'm still struggling with blogging in this neck of the woods. Not only finding the perfect location, my brain is currently on holiday. So much so that I can't really think about posting about anything else other than outfits at the moment. Hopefully, that wouldn't bore you. Also, taking pictures by myself gets a whole lot more complicated due to the minuscule number of parks in Jakarta. They're also usually so far away from home, definitely not within walking distances. To be honest, the wave of metropolis of Jakarta washes over me like a storm. Having been used to small towns in Germany, getting used to this huge city - and the capital, no less - is a challenge in itself. Forget getting to the city center on foot, the transport system itself has no basic grounds. The only way you can find out which bus/minibus goes where is to ride it. Getting lost is a consequence. That, or paying a lot more for a taxi or so. Thankfully, - back to taking photos - my sister lets me use her tripod and my backyard is a tiny heaven. Obviously, still struggling. But we'll all get better.

Connexxion mini dress // sis's leggings // Yellowline cardigan (sis's) // gifted necklace (sis's) // Kipling bag (sis's) // Studio Nine loafers

September seems like the time when most college students go back to school 'round here. Although unintentional, here I seem to have put together a back-to-school outfit. In Indonesia, most of all, perfect for college students - since all schools here wear uniforms. The two key elements in this outfit are the laid-back loafers and the bag. The loafers are comfortable enough yet don't close up all the way to make way for some breeze, should the heat be rather unbearable. They're also not too flashy to be worn when you're trying to earn education but cute enough to make you happy - or me, at least. The bag is incredible. It has many compartments as well as pockets to pack whatever school supplies you should need. The width is long enough to contain notebooks, journals and school books. The rest of the outfit is also comfy for daily wear, not at all flashy and simple. Well, if you're a college student - old and new - in Indonesia, good luck on the rest of the semester!

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