Monday, 1 September 2014


If ever there was a set of photos which portray just how thin I've become - by "thin" I don't mean "slim -, it's probably this one. To be perfectly honest, I'd been losing weight for the last few months and I didn't even realise it. My appetite had been dropping the last few days I was in Germany. Apparently, it was all due to a disease I suffer. The diagnosis has yet to be revealed but some suspicions have arisen. Precautions have been taken and I can only wish this will not interfere with reunions I am bound to have. Really wish that my best friends are reading this. Speaking of my best friends, yesterday I spent almost the whole day sorting out things in my room. Everyone knows that will always entail diving into several nostalgic belongings, including old sketches drawn by my best friends. Needless to say, I keep them all. There were also old sketches by me, overflowing with amazing ideas I somehow can't think of anymore. Who knows that yourself from the past could be such an inspiration? Aside from that, there were also old emotions and old feelings being expressed wholeheartedly on paper. I threw away the feelings that have changed and keep those that will never turn. Until one day those, too, will be sorted.

Tendencies ombré shirt // C&A pants // sis's belt // Guy Laroche purse // thrifted sandals // pictures by my sis

This outfit was what I wore on Saturday when I went out with Firu and my high school best friend, Cynthia! I have no idea if I ever told you but, yeah, they know each other. I couldn't wait to hang out with them! Okay, back to the outfit. The shirt was something I asked my sister to buy when I saw her 2013 Eid Mubarak photos, where she was wearing the blue version of this outfit. She said, there was the purple version, and I was sold. Should probably pay her back soon, though. It's so quirky that, at first, I didn't know what to pair it with. Then the pants came to mind. The whole ensemble brought my sister to say: "Spiffy!" Because it looked almost as if I was ready for a disco - a statement that Cynthi also said. But I really like this outfit. And who am I if not spiffy?

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