Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Local Fest Jakarta 2014

Last weekend my sister and I went to Local Fest at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. Being a total hermit, I wouldn't have known about this event if it wasn't for my friend Enggar. We were planning to go there together but for one and other reasons, it fell through. Enggar, if you're reading this, I am again so sorry! But thank you for the info because the festival was amazing although I was only there a short time. Enough time to make me go broke yet again. There were plenty of amazing clothing pieces, art deco thingamajigs and adorable footwear. My sister was already rather familiar with some of the stores as she has been here far longer than I have. I fell in love with many of them. Not only clothes, they also had many food stands, mini concerts by local musicians and screenings of indie films by local filmmakers. Too bad, I only had time - and energy - to go through the fashion area. But next year - as I'm pretty sure it's a yearly ordeal - I will want to look at other fields.

As of lately, I have been noticing the rapid growth and development of the fashion industry in Indonesia. Local brands have been decorating local fashion blogs with their names. Plenty of stores open up on instagram and - guess what? - they're pretty popular among society. It's crazy! How long was I gone again? But, I have to admit, plenty of them are still very hard to find. Sure, there's instagram but how are you supposed to know the usernames? This festival was an amazing opportunity to find out new local brand names. Scouting was all about I wanted to do. I promised myself I wasn't going to purchase. But - yep, you guessed it - I ended up going home with two items from two different stores. There's an adorable tote bag fro Koola Stuffa and a quirky skirt from drsv. Please look forward to the styling of both of these items. And remind me not to shop for clothes in the near future, thanks!

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