Friday, 12 September 2014

Neverending Summer

 Downpour - Brandi Carlile 

Lately, I've been finding people all across the internet complaining about the end of summer. It will come inevitably for them but, out here in the tropics, we will be enjoying summer like you wouldn't believe. Although, the rain season will be coming soon. Hopefully, it will bring with it cooler weather and the smell of wet earth. Mm, the best! It would be a good replacement for all the sweat I've been reluctantly collecting these days. However, I'd be lying if I said I don't envy them for having autumn still. Oh, the golden leaves and all the beautiful sweaters! Man, I miss them already. But, alas, I shall have to wait to be reunited with her again, dear Lady Autumn. In the meantime, I'll be enjoying more of sunshine and a bit of breeze out here. As everyone holds on to summer like she was dear life itself, I will still be having it around. We all see the grass on the other side and wish ours were greener. But isn't it already pretty green around here? I can hardly escape it being the background.

Thrifted denim jacket // Valleygirl floral dress (Sis's) // K-mart socks (Sis's) // Converse sneakers

Is it too late to wear florals now? My first one of the summer too! Why, in September? Yes, rather unorthodox, I understand. But what can I say? I just found this dress my sister once wore on the blog last week. It looks way better on her, don't you think? As opposed to her casually feminine styling of this dress, I went the edgy casual way. The dress on its own is far too feminine for my taste. I mean, it's adorable and I love it! But I can't imagine myself getting away with wearing it in a more saccharine styling. So denim jacket and converse it is! Still, injecting a little bit of femininity can't be a crime. That is what I was thinking as I attempted to style my hair in a feminine way. You tell me if it was mission accomplished or epic fail. I hope the photo portrays the hair clips well because they're made of wood and capture my heart terribly. They resurfaced after a good summer cleaning of my room the other day so I have no idea where they're from. Sorry.

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