Sunday, 14 September 2014

Tennis Court Soundtrack

Tennis Court Soundtrack - Daphne Loves Derby

The other night, Firu finally got to hang out with my best friends. Sadly, it was rather brief and not everyone was present. I am happy to inform that the atmosphere seemed rather enjoyable and everyone seemed to get along well. Hopefully, this isn't simply my imagination because, in the past, I had been wrong about how people felt whilst I was elated. Though, I'd really love it if, in the future, we can hang out for a much longer period of time and with the whole gang. Ah, the desires of a girl in love ♥ Also, my best friends gifted me some amazing items! One of them being an incredibly adorable orange beret! Despite my lack of experience in wearing a beret, it was such a thoughtful present - also, it seems to suit me just fine. What more, the beret came from Japan! Oh, what a fine, fine gift. I can't wait to wear it soon - properly, of course. The only regret of the night is the absence of a photo to immortalise the moment. That just means we have to hang out again soon.

N.y.L.a top (Sis's) // Celine purse (Sis's) // Esprit skirt // thrifted penny loafers

When I first laid my eyes on this top, I was smitten. Of course, since my sister saw it first, I let her have it. It suits her well too. I really adore how the top looks like a canvas with a strokes of brush on it, much like a painting. At first, I was going to pair it with a different skirt. But, seeing as the other skirt was currently at the tailor, I made do. It's a much better combination than the one I originally planned to wear. Plus, the material of both items seems to be quite similar, giving a lightweight effect as well as an easier flow. The outfit was a treat the whole night! Every piece in this outfit is rather old, save for the bag - well, for me anyway. It is actually the mustard suede version of this one. It has padded compartments on the inside, probably perfect for a camera or PC tablets. Too bad it's not big enough to accommodate both my book and my camera.

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