Wednesday, 29 February 2012

All You Need Is...

Today I'd like to share something that I have been obsessed with FOREVER. What could it possibly be? Easy. One word. You would've thought of it at least once every minute: Love. It's love. I'm obsessed with love. With being IN love, with the whole debate, with the idea. EVERYTHING. Yeah, I know, Valentine's day's long gone. Big deal. Love is an everyday thing. You can't live without it.

First off, I'd like to share with you these AMAZINGLY UNUSUAL DATE IDEAS. Wouldn't you like to try doing them as well? Well, I would!

Two of the best love stories I have ever read.

The Constant Princess depicts a love story between The Great Katherine (Princess Catalina of Spain) with her first husband, Prince Arthur of Wales. He died young, leaving Katherine not yet The Queen of England -- which she believed was her destiny. She then struggled and fought to fill the shoes she was meant to fill. In my opinion, it was the sweetest love story EVER! Sad...but amazing.
Natural Flights of the Human Mind tells a lovely story of a man who lived in an abandoned lighthouse, harbouring secrets and guilt for 25 years. Thanks to a certain miracle, he met a woman and helped her set up a house she just inherited. Slowly but sure, unraveling mysteries and secrets of one another, they grew closer. Lovely story, lovely ending! My favourite book OF ALL TIME!


You should check out these cute pictures by HJ story! They come in series where each picture depicts the meaning of love in such adorable and funny ways. My most favourite is actually the last wedding photo of him and his new wife. So cute, wouldn't you say?

Couple portraits always seem to melt my heart. Although, of course, my heart has standards. Not ALL couple photographs make my mouth water. At least these lovely photos from Khomenko I absolutely adore! And if you love these, you should know these are just few out of many more beautiful others. If you check out his deviantART page, you might be able to set up one hell of a playlist as you browse. Like shooting two birds with one stone, no?

Two love stories from once upon a time. What's interesting is...both love stories are of female writers. Becoming Jane told the story of Jane Austen's tragic love story with Tom Lefroy. It could have ended with a happy ending had Tom been a man with money or Jane been an heiress to a count of some sort. But prejudice and popular belief stood in their way. Miss Potter talked about a more cheerful story, although still rather tragic. Beatrix Potter was a writer/illustrator. She struggled to get her book published because -- again -- prejudice led people to believe ladies should not be writing books or have one published for that matter. She didn't stop and found Norman Warne, who then became her love interest. People didn't believe their love was quite real which then led to her love's tragic end.

That is all about my current obsession. Even though it's not Valentine's Day and/or you're not in a relationship, spread the love! Remember that The Beatles song? Hold true to it. Because without love, all this world's filled with is negativity. Happy Tuesday! ♥

Monday, 27 February 2012

19 before 20 (Before Stepping Into The Big 2 0)

Finally, this list is finished. I've been wrestling with some ideas to be put into this list for quite some time.  Inspired by Hula Seventy's own lists. Very inspiring! That is my brand new Idea Book by the way, one that my friend gave to me just because. No. 18 is censored because it's quite personal. Sorry, folks! Crossing fingers here, everybody! Oh, and feel free to make one for yourself. I highly recommend it.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Fruit Loops

Good day, everyone! It's been getting warmer and warmer these days. It's really great! Can't wait to wear shorts and flats again. Not to mention I'm sick of wearing so many layers before I go out, even just to go to the store across the street. But the chills sometimes get to me and all I want to do is cuddle up under my blankets and drink this lovely, warm beverage I concoct.

Needs: Lemon, chamomile tea, honey, and warm water (all to your liking)

How To: Simply boil the water to your liking. While you do that, put the honey and tea inside the mug. (I use tea bags) Pour the water when it's done and squeeze some lemons. Done!

Tea with honey has been my favourite for a while. It just tastes better than with sugar. To me, anyway. Other than that, I finished another DIY by Elsie and Kinsey. This time it costed me my...umm, health. What can I say? I'm new to all this. This time I used a cardigan I thrifted months ago. Bring colours to the otherwise boring cardigan, huh? Sorry I didn't take the before look.

I mixed both DIYs in one cardigan. Instead of lace, however, I used another tablecloth that I transformed into these wonderful fruity-patterned cardigan and elbow patches. What do you think? I think it's lovely! This one almost costed me my life. Until next DIY then. I'm planning on doing a bunch each month...if I find interesting ones.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Side Story: Mom and Dad's Edition (Dad's Birthday!)

Hello, everybody! Today I'm making a very special post since MY DEAR FATHER'S BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday, Daddy! He is a very important person in my life. A tough but fair kind of father who's got me through anything, ANYTHING in life. He used to forbid me from reading comic books on Weekdays so that I could concentrate studying. A rule, which then developed into "No Indonesian Comic Books!" I could read comic books in any other language than my own so that I could become multilingual. Results: my English got so much better -- as you can observe from my posts -- and now I also know German and Japanese. Cool, huh? He is strong, funny and understanding. Here's to my dad! May this year be a happy one for you as well.

My father and sister in Melbourne. I miss them!
The last time I saw them in person :(
Sharing a little family story here. Truth is I have the best parents any child could ever ask for. They are mighty creative, smart and always aim for the stars. Being born to such a family, I myself became an overachiever. The best part is...they are always so supportive of what life choices I take. Thank you so much, you guys. My mother is my role model. It helps a lot that people keep telling me how much like my mother I am. Well, I am honoured. She is the person I love the most, now and forever.

Meet my mom!
See? Don't we look like twins?
It's my father's birthday but why did I also bring up my mom? Well, you see...I told you about wanting to try Elsie's DIY, right? Last night I finally did! Using my mom's old sweater, that is. It was my first experience sewing something other than buttons and holes. Very tricky and really hard but I managed. My friends and family were really surprised I managed such a thing. Well, I have been notoriously known to pick up new skills since I'm living alone.

The sweater in detail
Don't you think the blue new found bed looks like a backdrop? Very practical! By the way, I'm not much of a shopper -- living on a budget here -- so you will probably be seeing the same stuff over and over again only worn differently. Anyway, that's about what I've been doing. Today's Friday, huh? The weekend's coming! Do you have any plans this weekend? Share some stories with me!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wild Wild Western Oz

Good afternoon, everybody! Today I am going to break my own words because today...I'm going to post another one of my daily outfits. A hypocrite that I am, it all kind of fell onto my head when I found two things today: a pair of beautiful cherry wedges and a wonderful mud-coloured denim vest. The wedges I bought at a reasonable price -- sad to say, it's not very cheap -- and the vest I thrifted at a secondhand store. ABSOLUTELY CHEAP!

Too bad you can't see the cute shirt. Bought it in Bandung.
Secondhand western vest for just € 2,00 
It's still a little chilly out so I add a jacket to the ensemble.
Always wanted a red-coloured pair of shoes!
So I ended up making another outfit post. But this post is just so me. I mean the previous were probably too...I don't know. But this one hits closer to home than any of the others. The first picture makes my legs look smaller than they actually are. Nice. By the way, I am planning to try out a DIY from Elsie and Kinsey tomorrow...or, well, around this week. So please look forward to it. See ya!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Stuck In My Mind: Ich Bereue Nichts (Silbermond)

The title means "I Regret Nothing," which I think is a rather envious way to live. It is one way of living that I so badly want to have. Silbermond is one of my favourite bands. It is a german band and I adore it so. The video clip is also rather wonderful. Bittersweet in a way. Wouldn't you want to live like that too? This song has been stuck in my mind for some time now, as if the way my head tries to tell me that I will be fine whichever path I take now.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Firu♥Visya: Our 19th Monthversary!

Today is a sort of...hollowish day for me. Last night I spent the night at Iva's house along with the guys and they all played this online game while I was trying so hard to sleep. It was nice to stay there till noon, though. Probably the last chance to have one of those nights anytime soon. It just dawned on me that tomorrow I will be leaving this town to go home. Well, my other...home. Mental breakdown, of course.

On a brighter note: yesterday was also Firu's and my 19th monthversary! ♥ I almost couldn't believe we have been a couple for over one and a half years. It has been a wonderfully blissful time of my life indeed. I have learnt quite a lot from him over the years and I hope he has from me as well.

What I love most about us: we can be subtle and sweet...
...or a get a little freaky and crazy! ♥
Unlike last year, this year on February we didn't celebrate Valentine's Day -- which is just so mainstream -- but instead celebrated our monthversary. To start up, I made my beloved these lovely and, not to mention, tasty chocolate cupcakes. Using the recipe here, you can try to make one too! I am so thrilled it worked out quite well.

Chocolate-base cupcakes. Yum! 
Added whipped cream, strawberry sauce and rainbow sprinkles. They balance out each other.
That was Wednesday. Now let's skip ahead to Friday. Firu got his degree that day -- it's kind of complicated to explain -- in the afternoon so we decided to just have a dinner date. The date ended quite abruptly when we decided to join Iva and the guys at her house and...well...we're back at the beginning of this blog. It was a lovely date while it lasted, though.

Look what we ordered! The waitress was quite stunned.
Well, that's how my lovely week went...after the wonderful and exhausting adventure last weekend. My time in this town always seems rather magical and I just can never get quite enough of it. But, as always, time for change is daunting. We can only go with it. So...what have you been doing all week? I'd love to hear stories.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Stuck In My Mind: Video Games (Lana del Rey)

I first heard this song when my sister was covering it and uploaded it to her tumblr page. You can check it out here, if you want. It was stuck in my mind for several hours thereafter. But lately it has gotten stuck in my head again while I was with my friends and such. I suppose it gives me a kind of mellow mood, despite the blissful meaning the song actually has. Enjoy! ♥

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Disastrously Memorable Trip

Hello, everybody! Just came back from Nordrhein-Westfallen this morning. I was so beat that I could only upload the photos to my facebook page and then went down for the count. It was one hell of a trip. First, we went by train to Köln, where we would be staying for the whole trip. Iva and I -- the only girls in the group -- planned everything...well, most everything, beforehand. Here's how it went:

Day One: Exploring Köln/Cologne and Its Dome (a.k.a. The 50-cent-costed Torture)

Here are the group (minus myself) in front of the Stadtmauern (City Walls)
Okay, so first of all, we went to the hotel and put our bags there. We got hungry and grabbed some lunch. We found the walls above and took a picture there while we were at it. We went straight to the Dome Church and checked it out. We went to the treasure room and since we thought it'd be a waste not to climb the tower too for only 50 cent more, we went ahead. But...OH MY GOD DID WE REGRET IT HALFWAY THROUGH! The man wasn't kidding when he said it was 500ish steps...

Lovely sight from the top of the tower!
By the Rhein Riverside overlooking the bridge

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Photo Shoots

Afternoon, everyone! Yesterday was one hell of a Wednesday! I hung out with my old friends, whom I haven't seen in, like, forever and we had a blast having photo shoots. Of course, this is one of those opportunities to show off my new look -- which apparently surprises some of them. By the way, snow is the best setting for photo shoots.

Long denim top perfectly matched with knee-long skirt
This is actually another look that was supposed to be taken but didn't. I took this other photo myself to show you how it'd look with that long overcoat I have in my hand.

Lovely black overcoat brought to you by Marks and Spencer
Tomorrow is the beginning of my trip to Nordrhein Westfallen! Beyond excited! Can't wait to share some pictures with you guys soon. Already thinking of 1001 ways of wearing the clothes I actually bring with me.

Have a nice Friday, everyone! Oh, and have fun in winter for those who live in regions with winters. It's going to be so much fun!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Side Story: Lovely Accessories

Hey, guys! How was your Monday? Mine was filled with a lovely date with my beloved. We had brunch and raided a bookstore. Same old, same old. Winter chill was put at ease today and the sun was shining quite brightly. It was a blissful day! Instead of the usual, I think I'll take this moment to mention some of the people that I love in a fashionable way: accessorize!

These are the accessories that I can't leave my house without. It just so happens that they were given by my loved ones, one way or another. This is just to show how much I appreciate them!

This lovely handcrafted watch is from my sister who bought it from Aussie when she got back. I love the elastic band of it and the beautiful etchings all around it. Very ethnic!
A beautiful Swarovski necklace, last year's V-day present from my lovely! ♥ Never went anywhere without it hanging around my neck, except when taking showers. The only pink thing I let touch my skin forever. 
Not an accessory, really. More like a necessity. A pair of glasses from Disney! One of the first things I bought with my own savings. Thank my parents for the allowance I ended up saving~

But, of course, one should never forget to bring an umbrella and whatnot. The snow's getting harder in some regions of the world. Live safe, everybody! Have a nice Tuesday!

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Monday, 6 February 2012

Friendly Feature: Pomegranate and Cranberry Juice

Hello, everyone! How was your Sunday? Mine was one of those lazy ones. But, hey, everyone needs those once in a while. Today I am going to feature a blog from a friend of mine. Well, I'm just going to future her. It just so happens she has a blog. Take it away!

Zahra Nabilah Damayanti

I stole this picture from her facebook page. Sorry.

A fellow fashion enthusiast. A very fashionable girl at such a young age who has a passion for music, especially classical music. She is able to play both violin and piano -- and probably lots more, I'm not sure. Passionate people make me happy! ♥ Currently on her way on becoming a medical student.

I suggest you check out her blog to see her fashion sense in action. Lovely, in my opinion. She always knows to mix which top with which bottom. Oh, Zahra, if you happen to read this, this is my way of thanking you for adding me to your friends list on your blog. Go check out her blog, everybody!