Wednesday, 29 February 2012

All You Need Is...

Today I'd like to share something that I have been obsessed with FOREVER. What could it possibly be? Easy. One word. You would've thought of it at least once every minute: Love. It's love. I'm obsessed with love. With being IN love, with the whole debate, with the idea. EVERYTHING. Yeah, I know, Valentine's day's long gone. Big deal. Love is an everyday thing. You can't live without it.

First off, I'd like to share with you these AMAZINGLY UNUSUAL DATE IDEAS. Wouldn't you like to try doing them as well? Well, I would!

Two of the best love stories I have ever read.

The Constant Princess depicts a love story between The Great Katherine (Princess Catalina of Spain) with her first husband, Prince Arthur of Wales. He died young, leaving Katherine not yet The Queen of England -- which she believed was her destiny. She then struggled and fought to fill the shoes she was meant to fill. In my opinion, it was the sweetest love story EVER! Sad...but amazing.
Natural Flights of the Human Mind tells a lovely story of a man who lived in an abandoned lighthouse, harbouring secrets and guilt for 25 years. Thanks to a certain miracle, he met a woman and helped her set up a house she just inherited. Slowly but sure, unraveling mysteries and secrets of one another, they grew closer. Lovely story, lovely ending! My favourite book OF ALL TIME!


You should check out these cute pictures by HJ story! They come in series where each picture depicts the meaning of love in such adorable and funny ways. My most favourite is actually the last wedding photo of him and his new wife. So cute, wouldn't you say?

Couple portraits always seem to melt my heart. Although, of course, my heart has standards. Not ALL couple photographs make my mouth water. At least these lovely photos from Khomenko I absolutely adore! And if you love these, you should know these are just few out of many more beautiful others. If you check out his deviantART page, you might be able to set up one hell of a playlist as you browse. Like shooting two birds with one stone, no?

Two love stories from once upon a time. What's interesting is...both love stories are of female writers. Becoming Jane told the story of Jane Austen's tragic love story with Tom Lefroy. It could have ended with a happy ending had Tom been a man with money or Jane been an heiress to a count of some sort. But prejudice and popular belief stood in their way. Miss Potter talked about a more cheerful story, although still rather tragic. Beatrix Potter was a writer/illustrator. She struggled to get her book published because -- again -- prejudice led people to believe ladies should not be writing books or have one published for that matter. She didn't stop and found Norman Warne, who then became her love interest. People didn't believe their love was quite real which then led to her love's tragic end.

That is all about my current obsession. Even though it's not Valentine's Day and/or you're not in a relationship, spread the love! Remember that The Beatles song? Hold true to it. Because without love, all this world's filled with is negativity. Happy Tuesday! ♥

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