Sunday, 19 February 2012

Firu♥Visya: Our 19th Monthversary!

Today is a sort of...hollowish day for me. Last night I spent the night at Iva's house along with the guys and they all played this online game while I was trying so hard to sleep. It was nice to stay there till noon, though. Probably the last chance to have one of those nights anytime soon. It just dawned on me that tomorrow I will be leaving this town to go home. Well, my other...home. Mental breakdown, of course.

On a brighter note: yesterday was also Firu's and my 19th monthversary! ♥ I almost couldn't believe we have been a couple for over one and a half years. It has been a wonderfully blissful time of my life indeed. I have learnt quite a lot from him over the years and I hope he has from me as well.

What I love most about us: we can be subtle and sweet...
...or a get a little freaky and crazy! ♥
Unlike last year, this year on February we didn't celebrate Valentine's Day -- which is just so mainstream -- but instead celebrated our monthversary. To start up, I made my beloved these lovely and, not to mention, tasty chocolate cupcakes. Using the recipe here, you can try to make one too! I am so thrilled it worked out quite well.

Chocolate-base cupcakes. Yum! 
Added whipped cream, strawberry sauce and rainbow sprinkles. They balance out each other.
That was Wednesday. Now let's skip ahead to Friday. Firu got his degree that day -- it's kind of complicated to explain -- in the afternoon so we decided to just have a dinner date. The date ended quite abruptly when we decided to join Iva and the guys at her house and...well...we're back at the beginning of this blog. It was a lovely date while it lasted, though.

Look what we ordered! The waitress was quite stunned.
Well, that's how my lovely week went...after the wonderful and exhausting adventure last weekend. My time in this town always seems rather magical and I just can never get quite enough of it. But, as always, time for change is daunting. We can only go with it. So...what have you been doing all week? I'd love to hear stories.


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