Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Disastrously Memorable Trip

Hello, everybody! Just came back from Nordrhein-Westfallen this morning. I was so beat that I could only upload the photos to my facebook page and then went down for the count. It was one hell of a trip. First, we went by train to Köln, where we would be staying for the whole trip. Iva and I -- the only girls in the group -- planned everything...well, most everything, beforehand. Here's how it went:

Day One: Exploring Köln/Cologne and Its Dome (a.k.a. The 50-cent-costed Torture)

Here are the group (minus myself) in front of the Stadtmauern (City Walls)
Okay, so first of all, we went to the hotel and put our bags there. We got hungry and grabbed some lunch. We found the walls above and took a picture there while we were at it. We went straight to the Dome Church and checked it out. We went to the treasure room and since we thought it'd be a waste not to climb the tower too for only 50 cent more, we went ahead. But...OH MY GOD DID WE REGRET IT HALFWAY THROUGH! The man wasn't kidding when he said it was 500ish steps...

Lovely sight from the top of the tower!
By the Rhein Riverside overlooking the bridge

Day Two: Exploring Münster and Dortmund (a.k.a. Church Tours and The Chaotic Train Ride)

Our brunch for we didn't have breakfast nor lunch that day 
A musician we found in front of the city hall. Really talented!
This day was a personal torture day for me because I tried to pull off a look that is highly unrecommended in Winter: I wore socks up to my knees but no long johns nor tights to cover up the thigh area while wearing mini-skirt. My thighs were red as a tomato and stung all day...until I bought myself a pair of tights. And I also forgot my scarf at  brunch and we had to go back to get it. Oops. We went from church to church in Münster, a small town but really remarkable.

Found this maze game at the park so we played it...
...and we won.
After that, we went to Dortmund because Edwin wanted to see the Stadium there where one of his favourite players played. Funny enough, he doesn't remember his name. When we arrived, we were welcomed with many teenagers meaning to protest against ACTA (which I think is really awesome!). Apparently, that day there was a football match and we went home at the wrong time, causing ourselves to have to force our way into the train along with the teams' supporters. It was a total riot!

We had dinner at this indian restaurant where we got free rice and chili! Yum! ♥
Day Three: Finding Drachenfels (a.k.a. Getting Lost in the Mountains!)

Waiting for the bus on the mountains because we got lost...
This last trip was sponsored by Iva and her sister. She told us about this place or else we wouldn't have known about it. The place is actually called Drachenfels (Drachen = Dragon) but it is in a small town -- if it could be called that at all -- called Königswinter. As soon as we got there, we were lost. We asked a bus driver about this place and he told us to hop on. But we ended up getting more lost. Long story short, we finally found the train to take us there. We stopped by Drachenburg Castle. It was a fairy-tale kind of castle! Only...less grand. Really beautiful and inspiring! Took thousands of pictures there, if possible. After having a tour inside, we went on to Drachenfels. It was kind of disappointing since it was only ruins....and we had to climb up a little.
On the train to the castle
Of course I took a seat on the throne! When else was I going to be a queen?
I looooove this ballroom, like, so much!
Trying to contact home with a vintage phone. Ring! Ring! 
We actually went to Bonn before we went back to Köln/Cologne to go home. But we only stopped by for a bite and didn't take any photos since it was so damn cold. Such a shame.

Waiting for the train to take us home to Karlsruhe
So anyway, that's how the trip went. It was full of torture but also memorable memories as well. I love it so very much! Wish I can do another one of that sometime soon. By the way, I don't think I'm going to do the fashion posts anymore for a while. I just figured out, that's not me and for now, at least, I don't want to be anyone else. How was your weekend? Do tell!

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