Friday, 24 February 2012

Side Story: Mom and Dad's Edition (Dad's Birthday!)

Hello, everybody! Today I'm making a very special post since MY DEAR FATHER'S BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday, Daddy! He is a very important person in my life. A tough but fair kind of father who's got me through anything, ANYTHING in life. He used to forbid me from reading comic books on Weekdays so that I could concentrate studying. A rule, which then developed into "No Indonesian Comic Books!" I could read comic books in any other language than my own so that I could become multilingual. Results: my English got so much better -- as you can observe from my posts -- and now I also know German and Japanese. Cool, huh? He is strong, funny and understanding. Here's to my dad! May this year be a happy one for you as well.

My father and sister in Melbourne. I miss them!
The last time I saw them in person :(
Sharing a little family story here. Truth is I have the best parents any child could ever ask for. They are mighty creative, smart and always aim for the stars. Being born to such a family, I myself became an overachiever. The best part is...they are always so supportive of what life choices I take. Thank you so much, you guys. My mother is my role model. It helps a lot that people keep telling me how much like my mother I am. Well, I am honoured. She is the person I love the most, now and forever.

Meet my mom!
See? Don't we look like twins?
It's my father's birthday but why did I also bring up my mom? Well, you see...I told you about wanting to try Elsie's DIY, right? Last night I finally did! Using my mom's old sweater, that is. It was my first experience sewing something other than buttons and holes. Very tricky and really hard but I managed. My friends and family were really surprised I managed such a thing. Well, I have been notoriously known to pick up new skills since I'm living alone.

The sweater in detail
Don't you think the blue new found bed looks like a backdrop? Very practical! By the way, I'm not much of a shopper -- living on a budget here -- so you will probably be seeing the same stuff over and over again only worn differently. Anyway, that's about what I've been doing. Today's Friday, huh? The weekend's coming! Do you have any plans this weekend? Share some stories with me!


  1. bivi suka deh outfit nyaaa <3
    btw happy birthday to your father!!!!

    1. hehe makasih, Zahraaa~ aku baru nyoba2 lho inii :)
      makasih juga birthday wish-nya ˆ ˆ


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