Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wild Wild Western Oz

Good afternoon, everybody! Today I am going to break my own words because today...I'm going to post another one of my daily outfits. A hypocrite that I am, it all kind of fell onto my head when I found two things today: a pair of beautiful cherry wedges and a wonderful mud-coloured denim vest. The wedges I bought at a reasonable price -- sad to say, it's not very cheap -- and the vest I thrifted at a secondhand store. ABSOLUTELY CHEAP!

Too bad you can't see the cute shirt. Bought it in Bandung.
Secondhand western vest for just € 2,00 
It's still a little chilly out so I add a jacket to the ensemble.
Always wanted a red-coloured pair of shoes!
So I ended up making another outfit post. But this post is just so me. I mean the previous were probably too...I don't know. But this one hits closer to home than any of the others. The first picture makes my legs look smaller than they actually are. Nice. By the way, I am planning to try out a DIY from Elsie and Kinsey tomorrow...or, well, around this week. So please look forward to it. See ya!

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