Friday, 2 March 2012

Portfolio Break

Good evening, everyone! Today I had no class, which is amazing. I need this spare time to start on my portfolio for school. This has put me under pressure since February. After finishing my first sketch, I decided to take a break by posting something new here. One sketch and break? Yeah, I know. But I'm building something in my mind here. Okay, so here's an outfit post. I didn't buy anything new or got a new crazy idea or whatever. But ever since I don't know when I really love mixing and matching my outfit these days. It just seems boring if I don't.

 I seriously can't seem to figure out WHY I never wore this pair of shoes here before. It is honestly my most favourite pair! Since I came to Germany, I wear these shoes almost everyday. I looove the writings on it. One of the things I love the most about Converse: the variety of designs of the shoes. Whenever I go to one of Converse stores, I just can't stop eye-balling the shoes. Someday I wish to design for them...just...once.

How was your Thursday, everyone? Tomorrow's Friday. Are you excited? I am. Well, a little bit. This whole portfolio is still driving me crazy. Speaking of it, I need to get back to my portfolio. Have a nice evening, everybody!

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