Friday, 16 March 2012

Bohemian Rhapsody in Blue

This week has been one hell of a whirlwind. Thank God it's almost over. Although this weekend I plan to go to Leipzig and attend the Book Fair there, again with Atika and maybe Aqbas. Such a shame, Saturday's my 20th monthversary with my beloved. Well, anyway I shot these photos as soon as I got home from school. Can you see my drowsy eyes? I was totally beat today.

Some good news: Remember my previous post? Two things happened after that that make me happy. One. I figured out that minitreehouse is, indeed, an Indonesian. Originally from Bandung. I cannot believe someone that talented comes from the same country as I am. Wow! Two. I emailed Laumiline a few weeks back about the portfolio I need to apply to art schools and she wrote me back yesterday, giving me all these helpful tips. So I wrote her back, telling her about her feature on my blog post and other questions. She wrote me back today and she told me how she loved my artwork! Oh my God, super excited and extra flattered! It got me through the last few hours of my class. Couldn't stop smiling.

Oh! By the way! This is the perfect opportunity to share with you about Earth Hour. Do not forget to take part this year on the biggest and least costing global movement of the century! It's as easy as turning off the lights in your house for an hour, just an hour, the earth's not asking for too much. Building up to the date, I'll probably be posting some tips on what you can do on the D-night. Meanwhile, here's a little pic to help you remember.

The Details
Detail #1: This pair of ballerina shoes from Tracce. I have shown you this many times before, right? I really love this pair. One, it makes me look like a real ballerina -- which I wanted to be when I was 8 but never came through. Two, it goes with everything and real flexible.

Detail #2: A beautiful gypsy-like quilt-skirt from Tanah Abang, a shopping district in Jakarta, Indonesia. You've seen this skirt before, I've shown it to you in this post. I love the floral and cloud pattern, making it perfectly perfect for spring. My sister has the same one, only in darker colour. I like hers quite a lot too. She doesn't seem to think so.

Detail #3: Introducing my very first Threadless tee! I am very proud and attached to this one. I love this design! "If On A Winter's Night Young Lovers." Having a tee that looks like the night sky makes me feel magical and rather mysterious.

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