Sunday, 18 March 2012

Roses Are White, Batiks Are Tight

Just like I said the other day, I went to Leipzig Book Fair today! And, just as I thought, it was really EXHAUSTING. From the moment I departed from Halle, I could already see many cosplayers in the train. They all dressed up as many different characters. I love their outfits! How I missed cosplayers and anime thingamajig. It was extra crowded, by the way. I could barely breathe and became lightheaded. But I saw a lot of very adorable merchandise and I could just snatch all of them, had I had the money. Too bad, I didn't.
Funny, really, how it was still very chilly two days ago and yesterday...BAM! It turned into summer in a heartbeat. Today was no different. It was really, really blazing. That is why I put this ensemble of an outfit today. I love how the rose pattern goes perfectly well with the batik bolero! A little story about them. The batik bolero was some kind souvenir my sister brought back from her trip to Surabaya. She bought a matching one for herself. Thanks so much, sis! Let's wear it together sometime! The rose-patterned dress is actually a night gown by C&A, which my beloved picked out for me this one time when we went shopping together. I love the comfy fabric, suitable both for hot and cold weather.

Atika and I didn't last long in the book fair so, after around 2 hours, we went out to grab a bite to eat. We could've fainted inside with the lack of supply of air and the walking around. After that we just went round and round in circles in the city, looking through stores and the streets. The last time we were there, it was a winter wonderland so it was really refreshing to see Leipzig in the sun. We managed to visit Bach in the Thomas Church sometime this afternoon -- and just in time to hear the choir practice too! If it wasn't for Zahra, I wouldn't've heard about his grave being there. Now I got to take a pic of me and Bach hanging out. His is my most favourite musician's story.

And this is just A TENTH of how crowded this place was!
Oh, look! There's bubble tea in my hand, yum!
Things to look forward to right now: Easter! I'm planning on crashing Weimar with the lovely Zahra this easter holiday. I can't wait! Since a classmate of mine made a presentation about it in class last month, I've been craving for some Weimar-time! Anna Amalia Library, here I come! For now, Bach and I wish all of you an epic weekend! Cheerio!


  1. dimana2 selalu bubble tea ya biv

    1. gw sampe rela ngantri demi beli nih bubble tea ´ ▽ `


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