Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Just Before Class

Good morning, everybody! This morning I have a spare few minutes before I have to go to class. So I thought to post this outfit post, whose photos I took yesterday. It's starting to get warm around here. It's one of those annoying moments where winter is over and summer is starting. Will there never be spring this year?

My portfolio is going well. I just printed some works yesterday. Since last Friday, I've decided to go on more dates with my favourite camera. Dragging the huge portfolio folders around isn't making it easy, though so I didn't take that many photos. But it was really refreshing. Highly recommended to all people with cameras who are feeling rather down in the dump. You'll feel better, trust me.

I didn't take a photo of these shoes yesterday so I used the one I took weeks ago
Although it gets warm at times, sometimes it's still rather chilly -- with strong sun, dammit. That is why I'm wearing tights and jacket in this last photo. It's a rather nice opportunity to hide my earphone cables underneath the jacket. Oh, and there's a little peek of my portfolio folder. People totally stared at me while I dragged that thing around town. And I thought, "This is what being an art student will feel like."

All right then, I'm off to class. Have a nice Tuesday, everyone! Have a blast!

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