Saturday, 31 March 2012

Red is For Safety

Thank God so much it's Friday! Lately I feel really drained thanks to everything. I mean, it's not like a lot has happened but it just seems like it is. With only a 4-day holiday this semester -- 2 of which are weekends, I feel like time moves ever so slowly before I have to do my final exam. I know for most that is probably a good thing. Normally, it'd be a good thing for me too. But I just can see everything at the end of the tunnel: seeing my boyfriend again, exploring more of Germany -- and probably also The Czech Republic, you know, Prague -- and visiting Indonesia for Iedul Fitri. I can already see it although the tunnel just seems so, so very long. But that's just me, randomly rambling.

I just found out today that my class will be going on a field trip to Halle's Museum of Pre- and  Early History next Wednesday to see the Pompeii Exhibition. Truth be told, I have been personally planning on going there myself but haven't really got the chance to actually go. Thank God my teachers decided to arrange this trip for the whole class. Ever since I've read about Pompeii in one of those encyclopedias my Dad loved to get for me and my brother and sister, I've been rather curious about it. I still want to go see the real Pompeii on the flesh but, for now, the exhibition will have to do. On a side note: remember, everyone! Tomorrow is Earth Hour at 08.30-09.30 PM local time! Turn off your lights to show your support for the earth. For an idea on what to do during the hour, check out this post of mine. If you can't do anything big, at least do this. Every little act counts.

Here's what I love most about my style: it's the mix of both my new personality and my old personality. Just like I wrote in my first post, I admit that I wasn't fashionable -- and probably not fashionable still -- but everyone has styles and mine was rather tomboy so it was pretty much shirts and pants. I used to wear cargos too which were men's size -- the only size that used to fit me -- but I don't wear them anymore. I was totally bad at fashion...probably am still. Well, anyway, remember the chiffon dress from this post? I'm wearing it now as a skirt. I've always wanted to try styling a dress this way. The shirt is a simple red long-sleeved from Giordano -- one of my favourite go-to clothing line in Indonesia but there's none in Germany. One of the reasons why I was so confused when I arrived in Germany, not knowing where to shop anymore.

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