Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Fresh From The Printer!

Out of any parts of outfits anyone has ever invented, I should say that tees have been my personal all-time favourite! What's not to like? It's simple. It can be modified any way you want. And it's easy to put on. It doesn't choke you. You can move anyway you like whilst wearing it. It's just the best! Since I found out about Threadless and, well, joined, I've fallen in love with graphic and printed tees. I've collected three to four so far.

I took so many pictures of this outfit in many different poses and from many different angles, it's almost such a shame if I didn't upload it here. Also, it's a chance to show off my gingham heart pillow. Lovely, no? A little thing you need to know: I don't have a tripod or a photographer. All this I did with a timer and other props to replace the non-existent tripod.

Remember the printed tee I promised to show you on my previous post? Well, here it is! The moment I spotted this at the thrift store, I sighed in happiness. I love how this tee was printed front and back -- since there are tees which are only printed at the front. The colour is totally to my liking and the print is simple but interesting.

Tomorrow is a special day for a way. Too bad I have class for 7 hours tomorrow. By the way, since I am a new blogger and everything, I was super excited when I found two comments from two people that I don't know from real life. Thank you so much for reading, everyone! Cheerio!

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