Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Whirlwindy Week

Normally I don't do weekly wrap-ups but since last week has been a really eventful one, I thought I might write a little something to remind myself in the future or something. It was eventful, no doubt, although not really in a good way, and also rather exhausting. So here to all my efforts!

I was wearing this lacey black dress with warm white tights when I picked up my brand new and beloved Inkling. It was a real adventure! A walking trip of 1,5 km tore my soles off. But my faith in humanity was restored that day when the branch chief of UPS -- which I just assumed from his outfit -- offered to give me and my friend a ride to the nearest train station -- which was more than we could've asked for. This day was extra exhausting.

This was the day I first tried out my Inkling. And in celebration of this item, I featured 4 amazing illustrators this day -- one of which came from Indonesia and another one of them praised my artwork. I love their beautiful artwork and creative ideas! My teacher told me about a pop quiz for the next day and...I had to study that night...after an overtime at school.

Wednesday & Thursday
My beloved moved to another flat on Wednesday. There he doesn't have any internet and it gets really hard to contact him. To be quite honest, I hate it that he moved. But life goes on. I didn't post a blog at all that day. Too exhausting. On Thursday I wore this blue bohemian ensemble. Yet another overtime schedule at school...I could barely survive the last few hours of it. I went to renew my student ID with my friend and bought 20 chicken nuggets for dinner, tomorrow's breakfast, and lunch.

This was a rather relaxing day. I just couldn't wait for the weekend already, I could just relax all day. Anyway, I decided to take a tour of my own city with my beloved camera that day --  taking pics of old buildings and alleyways. I found a rather adorable craft store and a small boutique. I didn't have the guts to walk into either of them.

Now we get to the day of the book fair and the Leipzig trip. This one was rather breathtaking -- literally. I wore a rose-patterned dress layered with batik bolero here. All I can say is, it was exhausting and is still fresh in my mind. Today is Sunday and nothing eventful happened, go figures. The art school entrance exam is in about a week. I am stressed out right now. So, uhh, hope you guys have enough energy to face next week!

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