Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Friendly Feature: Illustrators Arise!

Hello, everyone! I didn't think I was going to post anything today since: a.) I have a pop quiz tomorrow -- thanks, Herr Borschers! -- and b.) I can't wait to try out my brand new Inkling! I told you about it. Some of you might not know what it is -- unless you clicked the link I gave you. So the least I'm going to do is show you what it looks like.

Awesome, am I right? I'm trying it out right now. Apparently it's not as rad as I thought it was but maybe all I need is some getting used to, like my Bamboo Pen & Touch. I am hyper excited, though, since the scanner I bought isn't working and I need to do some digital art, like, pronto! I make artworks if you haven't noticed. You can check it out on my deviantart gallery or on my tumblr gallery. You can also click the "Threadless" button on the right and see some of the designs I submitted to them. In celebration to my brand new item, I decided to make a friendly feature of some of my favourite illustrators. Behold!

FEATURE #1: loish (Lois van Baarle)
One of the illustrators I have loved forever. I mean, I've been stalking her on deviantart for years. Her artwork is so original, somewhere between realism and disney-cartoon. And the way she colours! Very soft and subtle but also very fruity. A holland girl who's lived in many countries throughout her life, one of which is Indonesia! I cannot believe she's lived there and I've never met her -- sure, the possibility of that is slim, but still. I found her through her Ariel fanarts, which are adorable.

FEATURE #2: Laumiline (Laura Müller)
She is the very first german illustrator I know. Well, the first one that I know is german. She also has a deviantart page, which I stalk as well. Her adorable artwork mixed with her colouring logic make a beautiful combination, also with the japanese influence. You should know that Ghibli influences her a lot -- as well it should, Ghibli is an amazing animation studio! And her Toy Story tribute artwork is plain incredible. I love how she drew Jesse and Totoro -- since, apparently, he made an appearance in that movie.  

FEATURE #3: minitreehouse (Charles Santoso)
I know what you're thinking: FINALLY a male illustrator! Yes, yes, finally. Here is a talented illustrator who lives in Sydney, Australia. You should check out his vimeo page. The video of his exhibition is really magical. And the design he did for Kinokuniya up there really makes the bookstore really wondrous, wouldn't you think? I mean, a bookstore is already wondrous but this makes it...well, more. He also has a deviantart page, if you're wondering. Santoso is a kind of indonesian name but I don't know if he is one.

FEATURE #4: Gemma Correll
I found out about her from my friend, Shasti. A quirky illustrator from The Great Britain who is in love with her pug, Mr. Pickles. Her creative ideas and her laid-back style of art really attract people. I love her daily journals. Her cat conversations, which you can check out on her tumblr page, are also very one-of-a-kind. Her simplicity is what's best about her artwork and why it is so lovable. Too bad she doesn't have a deviantart account. I would've stalked that one too.

There are actually more artists I want to feature but I need to go study now or...goof around. So that is it for today. I will probably feature some again tomorrow or something. Be sure to check out their pages, by the way. You won't regret it! See you, everyone! Happy midweek in the morrow!

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