Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Don't Press Repeat!

Truth be told, I actually wasn't going to post this outfit today but I thought, what the heck. Bad news first: I didn't make the cut for the art school. It was my first experience to an 'audition' to an art school. Painful as it was, I appreciate a little bit of the experience that I gathered. They only took a handful of people -- blown out of proportion -- and a lot got cut off. I'm pretty sure those who got accepted are highly exceptional. Congrats are in order for these talented fellows.

I spent my weekend slumping at home, working non-stop on my portfolio pieces. Even so, I must say, I know I didn't do my best. So I can understand this rejection. My beloved said, "The juries are stupid for not accepting you." Thanks, my love! ♥ Now I resolve to draw everyday since tomorrow on. I will start sketching and finish it all up on the weekends. I will probably post it online either on my deviantART gallery or my tumblr gallery. So stay tuned!

 The reason I wasn't going to post this outfit is...it's basically the same idea as this one, only I changed the top and added socks and belt to the equation. There's actually a little more to it than that. The way I wear the vest is different than I did before. I tied the ribbon at the back and added a belt instead. I think the blouse gave it a more formal touch while the vest and skirt make it more playful and friendly. I was going to introduce this as that outfit I wore to my first art interview but my, oh, my.

I took a little tour with my trusty Canon Powershot after picking up my huge portfolio. The area around campus was simply marvelous and very antique. I really, really loved it! Maybe I'll come for a visit around that region to take some photos. I think the biggest river in the city is also located nearby. Surely, one must check it out. In the mean time, enjoy this photograph of an antique hospital. It's still in use, just so you know. I love the how there's a person in front of it, gives it more life, don't you think? Hope you guys had a nice Monday. Cheerio!

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