Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Nape of the Woods

It's already Monday again? God, I can't believe it! Time moves so fast. I'm sure a lot of you guys hate Monday. So did I. This semester, it's all about to change. Want to know why? Two simple reasons: 1. There're only two classes this day -- both my favourites; 2. On Tuesday I have a late class so I can stay up later. Today, however, was a special Monday. Let me tell you all about it over an outfit post.

Last Saturday, in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of my college life, I decided to go tights-hunting since I think it's kind of boring that I only have one pair. I was extra excited to find this beautiful pair of tights in H&M. I have been drooling over it since Christmas and FINALLY I got it! So very happy. It's very beautiful! I love how nicely it goes with my LBD -- lacey black dress.

Over the weekend, I saw Elizabeth and Bonnie styled their LBDs which reminded me of my very own LBD -- oh, you remember, it's from this post. I don't think I styled it nicely the first time so I decided to restyle it using a new technique I've been wanting to try out: cardigan inside. Maybe you've noticed that I wear this cardigan under the dress instead of over it. I think it's a new style that's worth a try. It's not all that different than wearing a long-sleeve.

I adore these shots too much to write anything on 'em
Details #1: Don't you just love the pattern details on knit goods? They just somehow give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, wouldn't you think? First time I eyed these tights was online when I was just leafing through the H&M online catalogue. It was near to sold out back then and I was heartbroken. Funny thing, when I went to the store the other day, the first item I touched by accident was these tights! Oh, I'm so glad I bought them. They make my legs look elegant.

Details #2: What's most amazing about a lace dress is the intricate details of its embroidery, don't you think? How very lovely to see many patterns and details of a lace dress. This one in particular has floral embroideries and I looove how it just seems funeral appropriate. A little gothic, no?

It's still a little chilly out here so it's somewhat stupid to go out without jackets on. Since my outside wears this time just seems so adorable, I thought of posting it. Have I shown you this boycap? Well, it's my favourite head accessory! It's also my favourite jacket and scarf. I would probably show you the detail of the scarf later. It's very artistic, like the night sky, I tell you.

Oh yeah, that story I owe you. Okay, so today I just planned to take a bath, shoot some photos, and pick up my brand new Inkling from UPS -- which is in another town. I could just see the dull day -- despite the mountain of assignments and, not to mention, portfolio works I need to work on. I didn't really know where I had to go and how to get there. On the tram on the way to the UPS HQ, I stumbled upon my friend, Atika. I asked her to tag along and soon enough we were on a train then a bus -- the driver was really helpful and kind. Apparently, it wasn't as nearby as I thought and...we had to walk 1,5 km -- it's about 0.9 miles for the Americans -- with almost empty stomachs. After we found the UPS HQ and got all my business sorted out, I asked the employee where the nearest bus stop was. He took pity on us and couldn't believe we walked there! (Yeah, go figure, huh?) He told his colleague about us and apparently someone was on his way home and asked to give us a ride! How lucky! Not all the way home, but closer than we could manage on our own. Thank God! And that was our little improptu Monday adventure. Thanks again, Tika, for the company!

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