Friday, 9 March 2012

Graphically Preppy

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who read my post yesterday. Hope nobody cried though. Yesterday was one of the most emotional days of my life. Funny how most of what happened yesterday happened five years ago as well. Ha-ha. So I was only allowed to mourn for one day -- which didn't really happen because I video called my grandma. God, how I miss her -- and today I am up and running again, half alive but good enough.

Oh, right! Today is International Women's Day! I am so excited that my teachers both mentioned it in class today and all the men just had to sit there and listen to our emancipated ladies -- our teachers -- talk about women's rights and whatnot. A friend of mine, Divina (the girl in this post), got flowers from her boyfriend in regard to this day. How lovely! It's like a better version of Valentine's Day! It is also actually my cousin's birthday but I can't find her online -- she's in Indonesia so...

This combination is like digging deep into my closet. It feels like it's been AGES since the last time I wore this jacket! I don't know if it's quite visible but it's a little loose now. This jacket I bought back when I was somewhat fat. I mean, I still am but I was fatter then. There was a time when I was head over heels over hoodies and this is one of the results. I call it my motorcycle jacket since I always wear it when I ride motorcycle with my beloved -- wind or storm doesn't change a thing.

I love this shot! Manual focus rocks!
Detail #1: This beautiful red slingback which I got for free from Hugger when I bought my first ever pen tablet. Originally, it is a pen tablet case so that I can bring it wherever I go. I've never used it for its original purpose though. Instead, this is my go-to bag when I want to go grocery-shopping or run errands across the street. It's big enough to hold my wallet and cell phones but simple enough so that I don't take too many things with me. The colour also brings more life to my looks.

Detail #2: This is today's spotlight! Talking about graphic tees the other day, I just can't wait to style it in some ways. And...apparently, to this day, I have never done it. No, well, I did once but you didn't get to see much of the design. This is one of my favourites, by the way, for two reasons. One, it's a Threadless original -- which I adore. Two, it's one set with my beloved's tee -- a couple tee.  The design is also simply marvelous and the colour is really unique.

Detail #3: I've mentioned this before, actually (in this post). Like I said earlier, this necklace is a lovely and very lucky find. First, it was a japanese convention. Somehow I found this necklace in such a convention and I just bought it in a heartbeat. One-of-a-kind, indeed, no?

I can't believe tomorrow's already Friday again! Man, time's running fast, huh? Not fast enough but it's making me nervous all the same. Two weeks from now I'll have to submit my portfolios. Oh my god, MEGA-NERVOUS! Wish me luck, everybody! So, uhh, any plans for the weekends? If I have enough sleep today, I might share a little beverage recipe tomorrow. Until then, everyone!

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