Sunday, 4 March 2012

Side Story: Memory Box

I don't know if anyone knows this but...I have a memory box. What is that? Simple, a box which contains things I once -- probably still do -- held dear. I think I started this when I moved out here. Usually I just keep important things in my backpack or wallet. But the stuff eats up space there so I moved it. The box itself is a shoe box my best friends gave to me at my going-away party before I flew to Germany. It's kind of broken and ragged now but I still keep it.

So, anyway, I was digging through all the crap inside this box just now and I thought, "Hey, why not bore my readers with my memories?" Well, brain, don't mind if I do. So let's take a stroll down memory lane.

Here are my train/tram tickets in Germany so far. The top left corner is a tram ticket I bought when I was working for a month in Hannover. It was one of the best months of my life. The one below it is a one-day ticket I bought when I met up with my lovely and friends in Nürnberg. That was one confusing and rather...disastrous trip. But I enjoyed the visit to the Hitler Museum (not original name). The one at the top right is my first monthly ticket after I became a student here in Halle. Both of the tickets below it took me to Halle-Leipzig Airport, where I would fly to Roma or meet with a carpool driver and we'd go to Karlsruhe It sucks how I haven't kept any of the tickets from this town...since it was the most memorable town I had lived in. The Bahncards aren't tickets. They are like member cards that give us discounts on train tickets. The Jugend (teens) one I used to buy a roundtrip ticket to and from Hannover. The Probe (trial) one is the one I'm using right now to ride back and forth to Karlsruhe. The bottom right corner is my current semester ticket.

Now let's speak of entrance tickets. These are probably just a few of many more which I probably had thrown out or still kept somewhere in my coat pocket. The one with Kunsthalle (Art Hall) written on it is from one time when I was on a 'date' with a friend of mine -- a hot girl, no less -- and we got lost only to find Karlsruhe's Art Museum. What a trip it was! The one on its right is from Karlsruhe's Art Gallery, which I visited with some girlfriends on a Girls' Day Out. A Venice Exhibition was up for looks that day. So lucky! The yellow ones on the left are from Hallesche Opernhaus (Halle's Opera House). The top one for the play My Fair Lady (from this post) and below it for the ballet recital Der Nussknacker (The Nutcracker). Loving Tschaikowski's arrangement! To its right, we have Fall Out Boy's concert's ticket! First and only chance of catching that band in action. Memorable almost-dying memory with my sister and my best friends! The two below it are both entrance tickets to Drachenfells and the one left below it is from Kölner Dom (from this trip). Finally, bottom right corner is my one and only My Chemical Romance's concert ticket! Gerard was extra hot that night and I loved taking pictures with my best friend in the crowd.

At one time of our relationship, there was a madness to collect as many member cards as possible. Firu was so obsessed with them, his wallet was almost full. This is a story from before and until after that time. Now from bottom right corner, please. That's a library card from Goethe-Institute of Language. I joined the institute with one of my closest friends. A time before I even met Firu. Left to it is my WWF Jugend (WWF teens) member card. Love the wolf! Above it is my student ID card for right now. Next to it is an election member card. My first one! I was excited. Above it is a member card to a cinema in our town, Blitzcard. Not exactly dad's. But I brought it with me by accident. Oops! Next to it is an A&W member card -- matched with my lovely's -- which we never got to use at all. Sob. Above it is the member card to Heavenly Blush, a frozen yoghurt place I liked to hang out in...just because of this card. Next to it is my health insurance member card. Kind of mandatory. Above it is a Fish&co. member card. I remember a lot of money spent thanks to this. Last but not least is a Payback card. For shopping and such. Really handy!

Brochures! Probably have been one of my biggest collection passion since I was a kid. These are just a few of other I have either thrown out or condemned not worth taking pictures of. Top right corner is from Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund (Karlsruhe's Transport System) about the tickets available for grabs. Next to it is a brochure about the city Nürnberg. Upper left corner is a brochure from the Kunsthalle before. I've never really read it. The ones on the bottom right and left corners are both from Köln; the left depicting Kölner Doms Schatzkammer (Köln's Dome's Treasure Rooms), the right depicting the whole city (both from this post). The last but not least is a brochure about InterRail. I was interested in purchasing it but haven't got to it until now.

My boyfriend loooooved collecting receipts. Not that he needed them, he just loved them! They didn't even have to be his in particular. So long as they were receipts, he'd collect them. I, on the other hand, loooove collecting pricetags. I find their designs rather adorable. These aren't all price tags but they're the next best things. The top left corner ones are from iTunes. I bought these iTunes credits in a store and find the templates rather adorable so I keep them. Next to it is a belt-hanger from Hugo Boss. I sneaked one into my pocket when I worked for them -- not directly -- in Hannover. They always threw these out anyway. Upper right corner: I don't remember where this came from and what it came with, actually. Below it is a H&M denim price tag I got when I bought the lovely denim shorts (from this and this) on impulse because I had an impromptu sleepover at my friend's house in Berlin -- with my other friend -- and we only brought jeans -- which, let's admit, isn't comfy for sleeping. To its left is a price tag from C&A which came with my first front hook bra. Bio cotton! Below it is from Esprit, which came with my first 10€ skirt (it's this and this one). To its left is from Armedangels when I got my free tee from WWF Jugend since I became a member. Organic! Bottom left corner is my very first Jack Wolfskin purchase, which I did for my beloved.

 Okay, this last batch I forgot to put into the box but they are also really memorable they are. These are the extras. The one in the upper left corner and the bottoms are from my trip to Roma. Yes, Roma. Oh, and for my Indonesian friends, the writings on the bottom is in Italian, not Indonesian. I kind of love the metro. The one in the upper right corner is from an amazing secondhand store. Oxfam sells secondhand items for charity and I love their concepts and campaigns.

That's it about my memory box. That was a long walk down memory lane, huh? Change is in the air. It always is but...we sometimes don't feel it. I do now. Things are going to change from now on. And more of these memories are going to be compiled into this box. Well, do you guys have one too? Share some stories with me.

P.S: Yes, I refuse to use the english names for the cities listed in this post. It is very confusing and, I believe, rather abusive to its original name -- you know, from the native tongue. So yeah, I typed Roma. Not Rome, Roma.

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