Saturday, 24 March 2012

Life Lessons

Hello, everyone! It has been three days since the last time I posted anything. God, it feels good to be freed from the blogging world for a while. Not that I hate it but I have other more oppressing priorities , you know. My portfolio is almost done and my heart beats real hard for the entrance exam on Monday. Oh, God, please do pray for me. In the mean time, I've decided to take a much deserved break from portfolio-making.

Truth be told, I have been searching for a matching outfit elements for this skirt. I tried to mix and match it with other outfits and it just came out with impressions that are just cliché. I wore this to school yesterday and my friends recognized it and praised me for it. Why, thank you. The tee in particular is my favourite because a.) I got it for free, b.) it is a symbol for my membership at the WWF Jugend -- although, truth be told, I haven't done much anything to show for it -- and c.) it's bio-cotton and fair-trade! Check out armed angels! Their business is not just great, it's also for a good cause.

I love this blazer coat by Marks & Spencer. First of all, I love the button design. It looks absolutely official and classy -- I feel like a vice president of some firm. The pattern lining the bottom of the blazer is why I fell in love with it. Oh! And the cuff! I was so in love with this type of cuffs when I bought it. Well, even now actually. I used to be too fat to button it up real nice and wear it the way it's supposed to be worn. Now it fits me nicely. I love it!

This week has been about life lessons. Death came by to say 'hi!' to a student in my college. He got hit by a tram and trampled over by it. It was plain tragic and heartbreaking. First thing's first, all the students in my college are foreigners, including this one too. Imagine how his parents might feel, sending their kid abroad to study, not war, and got a knock on the door, a man telling them their son is dead. Everything is simply chaotic since then. All the Moroccans -- since he was one -- cried and mourned deeply. It was all rather touching and very emotional. The campus became rather gloomy since then, especially since the incident happened in the nearest tram stop to the campus. Here's the life lesson: 1.) Don't think you're going to live forever, 2.) Use your time wisely, you don't know when it'd end and 3.) Always be careful! Do not take these instructions as a joke. You don't know what might happen to you. Well, anyway, don't let me scare you off and ruin your weekend. Have a nice one!


  1. Your style is lovely as are your pictures! I'm a new fan!

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