Sunday, 11 March 2012

Layered Lancelot

I am extra excited today since I have so many things planned in my head. One of them is running errands -- which I did -- and the others is doing my portfolio -- which is in the process. I haven't finished a piece and already I'm thinking of taking a blog-break. It's okay if it's just to post this one, right? Just a little break.

I just watched Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, by the way. It is really moving. The idea of losing someone, I can relate to. But the other things about meeting new people and stuff, I think it's rather wondrous. Who gets to be so lucky as to lose someone and get many more? Now I want to read the book! And also Everything Is Illuminated -- another piece by Jonathan Safran Foer. Oh! And also The White Queen by the queen of historical fiction, Philippa Gregory. I already read The Red Queen
one. So many books I'm lusting over, so little money and so little time.

Yesterday I found this wonderful blog, one sheepish girl. I love it! I think Meredith is very adorable and I admire how she can knit and her insights in the world of art and design. Thanks to her, I found out about Kelsey Garrity-Riley, a wonderful illustrator from Georgia. And she led me to this creative and inspiring website, They Draw & Travel. It is such a one-of-a-kind idea! Go check out artworks from your locations.

Today's spotlight is this layered dress. It's kind of a layered cake or hair -- damn, now I want that cake. It is apparently very unique -- according to my friends -- since it has all these layers. You see those lines the dress has? They're not ruffled stitches, they're layers of fabrics. Each layer has its own pattern. And they're very adorable, no?
You may have noticed I used a props today. It is my favourite sword! Not like I have any other sword, but still. Having a weapon of some sort -- not like firearms, though, something wooden preferrably -- is somewhat comforting. Back when I was in girl's scout, I got this wooden stick that was so long, it broke in two in the car. I kept the lower half for years and used it to get things from under the bed or something. Sometimes I used it to pretend I was practicing martial arts. Besides, I thought it might come in handy for self-defense someday.

Have a blast at the rest of your weekends, everyone!


  1. Love your dress! So pretty! xoxo

    1. Thanks! I fell in love with it at the first sight and simply grabbed it without thinking.


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