Sunday, 4 March 2012

Mythbusters' Sunday

Good afternoon, folks! How has your Sunday been? Mine sucks, as always. I mean, I'm not a huge fan of Sunday, especially in Germany. The stores are closed every Sunday out here and it just makes this country less exciting. But yesterday I went thrifting and found a wonderful vest that I cannot BELIEVE anyone threw out. I bought it at a secondhand store know. I want to show it off to you guys and thought of a way to style it.

This is the vest that I mean. Extra lovely, is it not? Well, I just silently squealed as I found it. It fit me perfectly, thank God. It just keeps reminding me of old cowboy movies for some reason. I thrifted something else yesterday, which is a print tee. Maybe I'll show it off someday.

Have a good time on the rest of your Sunday! Now I seriously need to get back to my portfolio. Tomorrow's Monday and my grandma's coming for a visit to my parents' home. Crossing fingers for skype! Hope you have a nice, relaxing rest today to get enough energy for tomorrow.


  1. wow!!!Great outfit combination.Great patterns :)

  2. u look great in this outfit!! my fav piece is the lace vest =)


Thanks for your kind comment. Please do stop by again soon!