Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Sister's Sister: Clothes Swapping is a Daily Thing

Q's wearing: Mom's top // B's skirt // Don't Ask Amanda purse // Charles by Charles David shoes // photos by B

Whoa, unintentional blog break there! Life has been rather busy lately - what with packing for the final time to go home and catching up with the folks back home - and I've been neglecting this space like nobody's business. I'm sorry about that, if anyone's waiting. But I'm finally back. And look who's back with me! If you've been following this blog long enough, you should definitely know about my sister. She works at a fashion magazine now and gets a lot of free stuff from brands - much to my delight. Of course, our room looks like a shed now but it's full of pretty stuff. Umm...oh yeah! What am I doing, talking like I don't even realise this drastic haircut? I'd been thinking of going bob for a while now. To be honest, this wasn't the result I was expecting but what do I expect when I ask for something other than what I planned? For years, this hairstyle has been some kind of a go-to look whenever I feel like cutting my hair. It's probably not the hottest hairstyle, what with my weirdo face to boot, but it surely is my favourite.

B's wearing: vintage shirt + shoes // Vibrantcache skirt // Celine purse // photos by Q // photos of us by C

Does anyone do this or is it just me: whenever I come home, I quickly abandon my suitcase and all the clothes in it and go straight to my wardrobe? Maybe I'm just used to the trip-suitcase, not the going-home-suitcase. Trip suitcases contain dirty clothes from the journey, whereas going-home suitcases carry all the clean clothes you've washed prior to the journey. I wonder if this makes sense. But I share a room with my sister so raiding the wardrobe will entail finding beautiful treasures (a.k.a. her clothes) among the many items I already know I own. This post is exhibit A. The shirt, the skirt and the purse all belong to my sister. Yes, I only provided the shoes. This, of course, didn't happen all the time due to the extra weight I carried way back when. But now...man, don't even think I'd hesitate! But the feeling is mutual: my sister borrows my stuff all the time too. Even when I was still abroad! In fact, here she dons my skirt. Well, like sister, like sister, I guess.

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