Sunday, 10 August 2014

Seminggu Bersama Iva: EUROPAPARK

This was the reason why Jasmine invited us over. She wanted to go to Europapark with us. Not unlike Dufan or Dunia Fantasi for Jakartan children, Europapark houses childhood as well as adolescent memories for Baden-Württemberg children. Iva and I had never been there but Jasmine and her sister Fabiola were more excited to go than we were. Granted, they already know all the cool and fun rides. To be honest, I find it much better when you go with locals to this place. Otherwise, you'll just be wasting your time trying to find your way around and confused as to which rides to try. This wasn't the first time someone had the idea to go there. I just never saw the point. Now...I do. Although similar to the amusement park we have back home, Europapark has a theme. The park itself is divided into national areas. So there are the Greece area, the Russia area, the Italy area, the England area and many other European countries; each housing different rides, restaurants and games. They also show the traditional buildings, traditional attires and the rides sometimes have name of a town from each country.

Confession time: I'm a bore at theme parks. I'd never ridden a roller coaster, I'm afraid of haunted houses and swing-rides make me nauseous - well, actually, I don't know but I avoid them as best I can. But this time I got to ride three roller coaster rides, a haunted house ride and a bit of a swing ride. Jasmine practically dragged me to each ride. The roller coasters were terrifying but I'm glad I got on - although I probably will not do that again for a very long time -, the haunted house was a whole lot less scary than I imagined and the swing rides were bearable. Iva laughed so hard because she said the way I screamed was weird. What can I say? I'm new at the whole put-your-hands-up-and-scream-during-a-roller-coaster-ride thing. In the Holland section there's a ride called Pirates in Batavia. And it is indeed set in Indonesia! At the end of the ride, we were surprised to find that on one side of the water we were flowing on there is a stage with a live performer while the audience sits on the other side in a restaurant - which looked very Javanese, by the way.

Oh, it's just me trying on fits!
Not only the segmentation of the countries and the crazy rides, Europapark also has this charming Märchenwald, which is a forest filled with Grimm fairy tale worlds. My favourite has got to be the house made out of sweets from Hansel and Gretel. It looked so real and delicious. I wish I could eat it! Then there's Rapunzel, who lets her hair out or pull it back in. You can make a melody to make her do it but the animals on the side of her tower would tell you to try again or stop ringing. It was hilarious! Not only the attractions and the themed areas, they also have clowns - that are not dressed like good ol' clowns, so don't worry - who go around hitting people with polyester hammers and speak in a very funny voice. By the end of the day, we were all soaked, exhausted but all maxed out on fun. It was a really good experience. Thanks, Jasmine, for taking us there!

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